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Tiggzi: Cloud-based Mobile App Builder is Now Free, Upgrades to jQuery Mobile 1.0

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Tiggzi is a cloud-based mobile app builder. You can build HTML5 and hybrid apps entirely in the cloud. Nothing to install or download. Here is how the app is built.

  1. Build the UI with jQuery Mobile components
  2. Connect to cloud-based REST services
  3. Test the app in browser, or mobile device
  4. Export the app as mobile Web, Android or iOS
  5. The best thing is now there is a Free plan, so anyone can build a mobile app. PhoneGap is used to build hybrid apps and provide access to native device features. 
The best thing is that Tiggzi is now Free so anyone can try build a mobile app. Also, we recently upgaded to use the greatest jQuery Mobile version 1.0. 
Sign up and build your mobile app today - it's super fast and easy! 
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