Time Management Apps for Boosting Your Efficiency at Work

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Time Management Apps for Boosting Your Efficiency at Work

Putting your all into your work can be difficult with constant internal and external distractions. Use these tools to get the most from your workday.

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As hard as we try to be more efficient and productive at work, it’s often hard to adopt better time management practices without using special tools. Here’s our selection of the best time management apps that will help you boost your concentration, spend less time on routine activities, and be aware of how you’re using your time.

1. Focus Booster: Focus@Will

The app uses neuroscience to improve concentration. It’s scientifically proven that specific types of sounds contribute focusing and productivity. Based on this knowledge, Focus@Will app has been developed. Its authors created a short algorithm for selecting the right music on the basis of personality type, and developed over 50 music channels that boost focus.

The app is cloud-based, so there’s no need to install anything or store music collections on your PC or smartphone. After subscribing, you can listen to your music channel from any device. The authors claim 4x focus increase and exponential productivity growth.

2. Pomodoro Timer: Tomighty

If you ever worked on your productivity, you most likely know about Pomodoro time management technique. In its original idea, a simple kitchen timer is used. However, why not use a software timer for that? Tomighty is a free and open-source app that is installed as a desktop app Windows and MacOS and provides three different modes: Pomodoro, short break, and long break mode.

3. Time-Tracker: actiTIME

When working on time management skills and habits, the crucial point is knowing where your time goes. A time-tracking and time management app like actiTIME can be of help here: with it, it’s easy to collect information on time expenses and then summarize the data. Detailed reports and colorful charts provide an overview of how you spend your time.

actiTIME is available as an on-premise app and a cloud service and offers packages for teams of any size. It helps freelancers, small and medium businesses, and large companies improve time management practices.

4. To-do List: Clear

Creating nice and clear to-do lists to avoid overlooking something important in your daily routine increases productivity – this app is a great tool for that. The app helps unclutter your work process even if you have too many small tasks. With its multiple lists, you can sort your tasks by various areas: work, household, shopping etc.

Personalize your lists by selecting different color themes for them. Check what needs to get done soon in Today’s tasks view – this way you won’t miss out anything. Another helpful feature is iCloud sync: with it, it’s possible to access your task lists from anywhere.

5. Mindmap App: MindMeister

Mind maps are an efficient way to organize ideas. Use this tool to create your mind maps, share them with friends or colleagues, and work on them together. Such collaboration features as chat, comments and voting help develop great ideas in less time.

The tool also allows to visualize your ideas and prepare presentations. MindMeister has a built-in presentation module that converts your mind maps into informative and colorful presentations within a second. This way, you can communicate your ideas to others in an easy and efficient way.

6. Data Organizer: Evernote

Evernote is a tool that needs no introductions. If you’re not using it yet, consider adopting it. It provides a simple way to collect and organize all necessary information, helping you avoid wasting time on recalling what and where you’ve found and saved.

7. Email Organizer: Yesware

We all know what a time-waster inbox is. Spam and constant distractions for checking it seems to be the worst enemies of focus and productivity. A mindful time management approach involves optimization of this part of work, and Yesware is one of the tools that offers a solution to the inbox problem.

Yesware is a complex email management app that helps you schedule your communication, automate your emails by using templates, and manage follow-ups. If you’re a Salesforce user, you’ll also appreciate automatic sync of your emails, attachments, and meetings with it.

8. Meetings Manager: Clara

Speaking of meetings, the Clara app is worth mentioning. It is a meeting scheduling tool designed for HRs and other employees whose work involves multiple meetings. It helps you schedule, coordinate, and send invitations to all involved parties. The app is a great way to stop wasting time on manual coordination by email and phone.

9. Bookmarking App: Pocket

Do you consume a lot of information? If so, you’ll definitely appreciate Pocket, the bookmarking app. When you find a useful or interesting content, just save it to read later when you have time. This way, you’ll avoid getting distracted, save time, and discover new content. Pocket is available for mobile devices, desktops, and browsers.

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