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TinyPM, Big Release

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TinyPM, Big Release

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TinyPM is a perfect tool (free for 5 users or less) for small to medium-sized agile projects with easy-to-use utilities for managing iterations, even in distributed development environments.  If you're moving away from paper and spreadsheets, or just trying to simplify the governance of your agile projects, tinyPM is worth a look.  Yesterday they released version 2.3, which has a completely redesigned timesheet.

TinyPM supports agile product management, but it's more than just a Scrum tool (it also supports XP).  It features simple local installations, supports multiple projects, has advanced permissions management, timezones, user profiles, and it's localized for your team's native language (German, English, French, Polish, Portuguese)

Main functions

    * Dashboard with cross-project view
    * Sandbox (feature requests/ideas/bugs management)
    * Backlog (Drag'n'Drop)
    * Taskboard (Drag'n'Drop)
    * Timesheet (time and budget tracking)
    * Wiki
    * Activity history


    * Iteration planning and tracking
    * Iteration goals

User stories

    * Estimation with customizable scale
    * MoSCoW priorities
    * Splitting user stories
    * Automatic work progress
    * Tags
    * Acceptance
    * Card colors
    * Changes history (versioning)
    * Attachments
    * Comments
    * Printing cards


    * Progress
    * Converting tasks into stories
    * Moving tasks between stories
    * Multiple users assigned to a task
    * Estimation with customizable scale
    * Changes history (versioning)
    * Attachments
    * Comments


    * Project burndown/burnup charts
    * Budget burndown charts
    * Iteration burndown charts (stories and tasks)
    * Velocity chart
    * Backlog progress display


    * E-mail notifications
    * RSS feeds
    * REST API over HTTP
    * Plugins
    * JIRA® integration
    * POP3 integration
    * UserVoice® integration
    * Imports (CSV) into backlog
    * Exports (CSV) from backlog (compatible with Excel)

Here's a screenshot of the new timesheet in 2.3:

This timesheet lets the team look at the time spent on items and the estimated time remaining.  It also records team members' activity during the iteration.  The data can be exported to the CSV format for further reporting.

Here are the other new features in 2.3

  • Time left can be directly edited on task cards (taskboard view)
  • Improved tasks burndowns
  • Foldable iterations on backlog view
  • User can choose not to receive e-mail notifications about actions he triggers
  • User own actions excluded from history RSS feed (now he sees what other teammates were doing)
  • User can delete his own comments
  • Fixed drag and drop issues on backlog
  • Fixed default tasks validation which caused errors when creating stories
  • Improved help messages when getting started with tinyPM

TinyPM Burndown

The community edition of tinyPM is free for five users and unlimited projects.  For more than six users, the standard edition is about 12 euros.

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