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Tip: use JavaScript as a calculator in Firefox and Chrome

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Tip: use JavaScript as a calculator in Firefox and Chrome

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The following tip allows you to quickly perform calculations via JavaScript in Firefox and Chrome.

Basic idea: If you enter a javascript: URL in Firefox, the result of the expression is shown in the window. For example, try the following URL:

Firefox: By using a keyword [1], you can save 8 keystrokes (9 if your keyword is j instead of js). Just create the following bookmark:
  • Name: Compute with JavaScript
  • Location: javascript:%s
  • Keyword: js
Now you can perform the above calculation by typing
    js 7*45

Google Chrome: handles output and keywords differently than Firefox.

  • JavaScript code to display a result: As Webkit browsers don’t replace the page content with the result of a JavaScript expression, you need to explicitly display the result, e.g. via alert():
  • Creating a keyword: Go to “Preferences → Basics → Search → Manage Search Engines...” and create a new entry with the following URL:
JavaScript you can use:
  • Arithmetic operators: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/), modulo (%).
        > 77 / 11
        > 3.16 * 5
        > 10 % 7
  • Properties and methods of the global Math object [2]:
    • Math.PI
    • Math.pow(base, exponent)
    • Math.sqrt(x)
    • Math.sin(x)
  • Converting to and from hexadecimal, binary, etc.
        > (255).toString(16)
        > parseInt("ff", 16)
    You need to put the number in parenthesis to invoke a method on it. Otherwise the dot will be mistaken as a decimal point. Alternatively, you can type two dots or append .0 to the number.


From http://www.2ality.com/2011/06/javascript-calculator.html

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