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Tips for Designing a Mobile E-Commerce App

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Tips for Designing a Mobile E-Commerce App

If you're designing a mobile e-commerce app, a minimal design, clarity, ease of use, and security are major factors to its success.

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With an ever growing number of mobile users and reducing cost of mobility infrastructure, more than one third of the global workforce is slated to become mobile enabled. There is a wave of start-ups that is seeing a majority of sales from mobiles. A mobile app nowadays can make or break a company’s image and fortune in a short span of time. Google reports mention that about 79% of respondents claimed that they would switch to a competitor’s app following a bad app experience.

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Considering this, it is all the more important to design your mobile app carefully so as to avoid the pitfall of being discarded forever, a very real danger for the start-ups that take mobile commerce app design lightly.

So here I list some of the key tips to turn your m-commerce app into a winner app:

1. Intuitive Navigation and Clear User Interface – Since the visual area on a mobile phone is much less than that on a PC or laptop, it is critical that the interface is not cluttered and navigation is intuitive and simple. Nothing puts off a mobile customer as much as clutter and the confusion that it causes.

2. Minimalist Design – Use simple, short and direct words that clearly explain the navigation options and product or service categories that you offer. Avoid long sentences that are tedious to read on mobiles.

3. Clear Images – Use distinct images that highlight your products or services well and yet don’t take long to load.

4. Intuitive Color Codes – Use catchy colors for the next logical action so users can intuitively understand what they are expected to click next if they wish to complete the process.

5. Clarify product options hierarchy upfront – From the very first page, highlight the first level of your product hierarchy in a clean way for the users to understand the product categories. Avoid displaying all the product lines on the homepage; let the user drill down by selecting the option of their choice at every level.

6. Avoid Automatic Carousels – Carousels break a cardinal rule of navigation - that “the consumer needs to be in control” over and above the fact that users find them very confusing on a small mobile screen. It is best to prominently display your best selling product or service through a static image on the landing page and letting the consumers find the category they want through easy navigation.

7. Easy design for Purchase – The design should assist the consumer in finding the shopping cart, both to add and to check out. The design should innovatively place the shopping cart icon or merge price tag as shopping cart (an idea used by Fancy) to facilitate buying.

8. Prominent placement of Call to Action (CTA) – A CTA button or icon that calls out to the customer to close the purchase should be prominently placed on the screen so that it is the first thing that the customer notices.

9. Make Buying Easy – This is one of the most important points to make note of while developing mobile commerce app. Make it as simple as a click for the customer to indicate a desire to buy the product. Then ask them minimum required information before check out, offer to store the information for the future purchase that would save precious and boring data entry time, use auto-complete feature to assist the customer in filling the repeating details. Use minimum monetization schemes such as pop-up advertisements and extra schemes between adding to cart and check out. These are almost certain to put off your customers to cancel the buying even though they really want the product.

10. Make it Secure – “Spend Money to Save Money” is the mantra when it comes to security. Make your payment gateway absolutely secure because once a legitimate customer loses faith of security from your app, it is very unlikely that he will return to ever shop using your app. The importance of security cannot be emphasized enough.

11. Tag Favorite – Allow the users to tag the product they like and make it easy for them to go back to them later even if they don’t buy their favorite stuff in the current session. Use these tags to draw up the popular products and then help other uses search by popularity ranking.

I hope that you will use these tips while making your next mobile e-commerce app. Happy Developing!

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