5 Tips for Being a Productive Software Developer

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5 Tips for Being a Productive Software Developer

In this article, Vikash Kumar explains how time-tracking software can boost productivity and provides five tips for boosting your productivity and success.

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In this new techno world in which technology is growing faster than ever before, tracking productivity has become a more complex task. As employees are the biggest asset for any company, managing their productivity is a very heavy duty. As technology is increasing, it has given us the benefits to calculate the productivity of an individual or group. Time-tracking software helps calculate the productivity and how an individual or group is spending time. This software can be used by anyone to calculate productivity or to check how he or she is spending time.

For example, XYZ company is working on a product. They have 100 employees. When it comes to payroll, as per the productivity of the employees, the company always bears a heavy loss due to not having proper productive hours of employees. In the same case, if they are using time-tracking software, then they can exactly calculate that how much productive time an employee has spent in his or her work. With the time tracker, employees log in when they come to work and have to log out when they are going back home. A time tracker records each and every activity of your employees' work, so it becomes easy to calculate productive hours. You can directly send this report to the accounts department so that it will be easy for them to calculate payroll with no mistakes to help you get profit to the business. 

All that being said, here are five tips for boosting your productivity and success.

1. Don’t Let the Day Run You

Never let your work hamper you. If this happens, then it will ruin your day and leave you in complete stress, which can affect your health. Start your day with a clear idea about what to do. Arrange only three tasks. Don’t mix up your plate with different tasks. With a properly planned direction and purpose of the day, you will be more productive and all your tasks will be completed In the end, when you will calculate, all things will be well set in place.

2. Set Up for Success

Our life is predictable about 80%. We have some imbalance with the rest, not having a clear idea of what to do and what not to do. You should plan your day with the proper schedule of things, like what to do at what time and what not do, and work according to this. This will help balance that leftover 20%.

3. Manage Your Energy Instead of Time

Research shows that proper sleep and proper diet help in high productivity. If we are not mentally fitted with energy or don't sleep well, this affects our work and diverts our minds, which leads to failure during that time. An increase in energy level will always improve our productivity. 

4. Stay Focused

Distraction is the main root cause of nonproductivity because people get distracted with emails, phone calls, messages, etc., which leads them to avoid work and distract their focus. To be focused, you need to avoid unwanted calls and emails that can affect your working time.

5. Get the Right Tools

Tools are very important in effective productivity. If you choose the wrong tool, then you will mess up with that all time and the day will pass by. Choose a tool that's easy to use, has more features, and don’t require any formal training. The more simple your tool is, the more effectively you can use it and the more productive you will be.           

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