Tips That’ll Help You Manage Complex Projects Within Your IT Project

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Tips That’ll Help You Manage Complex Projects Within Your IT Project

When an IT project hits a snag and suddenly becomes more complex, managing all the different moving pieces can be tough. Read on for some helpful tips.

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There is no need to talk about simple projects because most of us can complete it without any major modifications. However, when it comes to a complex project, many of its initiatives need multiple internal teams, hardware and software companies, and even external consultants. If you’re stuck with the same issue, here are some tips that should be helpful in such situations.

1. Don't Rely on Project Manager's Support

PMs will be helpful to you in every case if the project is a straightforward task. However, when we talked about the coalition, complex project management is required. So in order to have success, an additional relationship management element will have to be added to the task.

2. The Calm Before the Storm Can be an Issue for You

To better understand this particular point, let's assume you’re on vacation in Las Vegas. You’re enjoying your time in one of the popular casinos when you realize that you have mistakenly spent too many extra chips while enjoying your time in the Casino and you have exceeded the limit you had set, things can certainly go wrong in this case. At the start, you might enjoy playing the game but in the end, if things go wrong, you will not be in a position to control the situation. So, be mindful of the calm atmosphere before the storm and make your plan accordingly.

3. Tuckman Team Framework

In the process, you’ll possibly hear about the Tuckman Team Framework for the stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing. With this, we do not have to say that you’ll have to pay close attention to the storming stage. With the inclusion of the vendor teams, the process will be even more acute. This will happen when each vendor forms their internal coalition.

4. Ask for Clear and Frequent Progress Updates

You should know that each coalition partner is likely to have its internal team and process. This helps in delivering their piece of the initiative to ease things. You’ll hardly find someone who will be willing to report that they’re behind. However, when you discover critical components of the project struggling all of a sudden, you might be tempted to hit the panic button.

In this situation, remember that it can happen with any initiative. However, the multiple layers of leadership and management during a coalition can further obfuscate what’s occurring. A remedy available in this case is that you should clearly articulate the way in which progress will be measured, and then routinely request demonstrable outputs.

Remember that when you’re building a complex document, tracking each section and reviewing drafts will become clear.

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