Tips to Choose the Right Cloud Solution for Your Web App Development

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Tips to Choose the Right Cloud Solution for Your Web App Development

The key to choosing the cloud for app development solutions is to begin somewhere, experiment, fail quickly and learn as you begin scaling up.

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The cloud computing environment considerably matured last year. Cloud-native computing is now the beating heart of enterprise Information Technology. Nonetheless, the ecosystem of the industry continues to evolve fast, and new trends are on the horizon this year and for the years to come. It’s expected that by the end of 2020, over 80 percent of the entire enterprises would be in the cloud. 

Organizations are unearthing the power of mixing and matching cloud service to solutions that address almost any organization need as the adoption to the cloud hits another growth spurt. These days, the cloud has become a metaphor for modern computing itself in which everything is a service that could connect and combine with other services in order to meet an endless number of app needs. 

Developing cloud solutions has now become a part of software and web app development processes. Various development service providers and companies are finding cloud solutions for app development, such as React Native developers for instance. React Native is a framework of JavaScript for writing, and natively rendering mobile apps for operating systems, such as Android and iOS. 

With so many service providers offering cloud solutions, choosing the right cloud solution for web app development like could be sometimes daunting. Fortunately, the web provides a lot of information on which solution best suits the app development requirements of any business or organization, and app development service providers, which include a React Native development company. 

The Best Cloud Solution for Developing Web Apps

When on the lookout for and choosing the right cloud platform for web applications or other development services, things could be somehow tricky. The key here is to find the right service provider, for example, if you go for React Native developers, as long as you know which kind of common cloud services suit your business. Check out the different solutions below. 


Known otherwise as PaaS, the solution offers users a software environment for creating mobile and web applications. This type of cloud-based service furthermore provides effective tools for an accurate configuration of the software environment, including operating systems, hardware, development, and testing tools. 


  • Easy customization
  • More flexibility
  • Less coding
  • More convenient option
  • Straightforward mechanism


  • Limited access
  • Challenges in integration
  • Platform lock-in
  • Suboptimal application performance

PaaS is considered as well as one of the basic components in creating eCommerce sites or mobile applications. Even developers of cloud choose this kind since it’s affordable and light compared to the other available services in the market. However, PaaS requires developers to have some experience in database deployment, the business logic of the project, and front-end development. 


SaaS may be referred as a software provided over the web mainly as a subscription. The solutions could be great when a company suffers from a timeline boundary and is unable to keep up with the set deadline to create the entire structure, which includes app development and deployment. 

The Lambda by Amazon is a popular example of this solution, for adding particular functions to a mobile app. With this solution, creating the task app is easier because Lambda will automatically scale, with zero administration. 


  • Multi-tenant distribution model
  • Faster access
  • Easier maintenance
  • Lowered cost
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Offers continuity
  • Location and device independence


  • Contractual obligations
  • Time-extensive security concern
  • Data control
  • Localization of data

Overall, choosing SaaS as short-term cloud services for web applications could be a great choice for your short-term project or if you’re looking for a temporary software collaboration with a particular kind of user base. 


Known also as Infrastructure as a Service, it could be defined as a cloud service, which offers online access to resources, including networks, storage, and servers for deploying operating systems and programs. In this case, it could be realized via a virtualization process and without any need for maintaining your own infrastructure. 


  • Without administrative issue
  • Minimum cost of management
  • No infrastructure cost
  • Pay per use option
  • High reliability


  • Limited infrastructure control
  • Needs good bandwidth
  • Restricted flexibility
  • Security issues
  • Ongoing costs

For web app development, web cloud developers get full control and scalability of infrastructure, together with the highest customization levels. There are several organizations that usually need IaaS services, which belong mainly to the eCommerce or telecommunication industries. 

Things to Take into Consideration

Aside from choosing the right service provider for your web app development in the cloud, there are also other things to take into account when choosing the right cloud platform for your application development requirement. 

Cost Viewpoint: For some organizations, pricing may serve as the main objective in choosing the cloud solution for your app requirement. 

Number of users: Trying to effectively use the service, as the majority of app users view this often as a sign of trust and customer satisfaction. 

Data security: Every cloud service delivers a different security level to mobile application developers to protect from breaches in security and online fraud. 

Level of tech support: Make certain that you have suitable assistance and tech support to maintain the app in case something goes awry. 

Updated policies: Another critical consideration is to keep the app updated with the cloud services policies for the software to run smoothly. 

In Conclusion

Cloud computing provides an additional range of features for your web app development requirement. Using cloud solutions for your apps could boost the user experience for your audience considerably. Choosing cloud solutions depends largely on your business strategy, and the budget of your project of course. 

In the world of social, mobile, cloud, and big data analytics, speed is paramount. Although having a plan is important, with implementation milestones and clear objectives, it’s equally important to move fast and learn as you go. The key to choosing the cloud for app development solutions is to begin somewhere, experiment, fail quickly, and learn as you begin scaling up. 

The benefits that cloud computing offers make it a compelling option for a lot of business organizations to move to the cloud. 

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