Tom's Tech Notes: Automated Testing Advice for Devs [Podcast]

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Tom's Tech Notes: Automated Testing Advice for Devs [Podcast]

Learn how to make the most of automated testing, including advice for incorporating security, QA, and coding best practices.

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Welcome to our latest episode of Tom's Tech Notes! In this episode, we'll hear advice from a host of industry experts on how to best implement automated testing, including general best practices, QA advice, and how to maintain speed, security, and proper testing.

The Tom's Tech Notes podcast features conversations that our research analyst Tom Smith has had with software industry experts from around the world as part of his work on our research guides. We put out new episodes every Sunday at 11 AM EST.

Today's interviewees are:

  • Antony Edwards (COO of Eggplant)

  • Derek Choy (CIO of Rainforest)

  • Drew Horn (Senior Director of Automation at Applitools)

  • Himanshu Dwivedi (CEO of Data Theorem)

  • Rishikesh Palve (Product Manager at TIBCO)

  • Nancy Kastl (Executive Director of Testing Services at SPR)

And, as always, you can find our podcasts on:

automated testing, automated testing best practices, devops, qa

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