Tom's Tech Notes: Big Data Advice for Devs [Podcast]

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Tom's Tech Notes: Big Data Advice for Devs [Podcast]

From NoSQL to microservices, from Parquet to Arrow, here's what these industry experts have to say about developing apps in the Big Data world.

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Welcome to our latest episode of Tom's Tech Notes! This week, we'll hear advice from industry experts tailored specifically for developers. From general tips for Big Data app development to the formats and architectures you need to know about, here's what they have to say about the modern Big Data ecosystem.

As a primer and reminder from our initial post, these podcasts are compiled from conversations our analyst Tom Smith has had with experts from around the world as part of his work on our research guides.

And, as always, you can find our podcasts on:

Today's interviewees are:

  • Alan Weintraub (Office of the CTO at DocAuthority

  • Adam Smith (COO of Automated Insights)

  • Amy O’Connor (Chief Data and Information Officer of Cloudera)

  • Bill Peterson (VP of Industry Solutions at MapR)

  • Cheryl Martin (BP of Research and Chief Data Scientist at Alegion)

  • Clarke Patterson (Head of Product Marketing at StreamSets)

  • Colin Britton (Chief Strategy Officer of Devo)

  • Derek Smith (CTO and Co-founder of Naveego) and Katie Horvath (CEO of Naveego)

  • Kelly Stirman (CMO and V.P. of Strategy at Dremio)

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