Tom's Tech Notes: IoT Fails [Podcast]

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Tom's Tech Notes: IoT Fails [Podcast]

Listen in to hear some common problems with IoT implementations and how to avoid them.

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Welcome to our latest episode of Tom's Tech Notes! In this episode, we'll hear advice from a host of industry experts about where organizations go wrong when implementing IoT so you don't make the same mistakes.

As a primer and reminder from our initial post, these podcasts are compiled from conversations our analyst Tom Smith has had with industry experts from around the world as part of his work on our research guides.

Today's interviewees are:

  • Adam Fingerman (CEO of ArcTouch)

  • Dave Schuman (Mobility Leader at Cloudera)

  • David Bericat (Global Technical Lead, Industrial IoT and Edge Computing at Red Hat)

  • David McCall and Clarke Stevens (Open Connectivity Foundation)

  • Mike Donovan (V.P. of Product at Aquicore)

  • Ray Wu (CEO of Wynd)

  • Suzy Visvanathan (Director of Product Management at MapR)

And, as always, you can find our podcasts on:

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