Tom's Tech Notes: Microservices Use Cases [Podcast]

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Tom's Tech Notes: Microservices Use Cases [Podcast]

Learn what industry experts think are the best use cases and benefits for microservices and MSA.

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Welcome to our latest episode of Tom's Tech Notes! In this episode, Tom asks what our collection of industry experts' favorite use cases and benefits of microservices are. 

As a primer and reminder from our initial post, these podcasts are compiled from conversations our analyst Tom Smith has had with industry experts from around the world as part of his work on our research guides.

And, as always, you can find our podcasts on:

Today's interviewees are:

  • Anders Wallgren (CTO of Electric Cloud)

  • Ben Sigelman (CEO of LightStep)

  • Brian Dawson (DevOps Evangelist at CloudBees)

  • Viktor Farcic (Sr. Consultant at CloudBees)

  • Chase Aucoin (Technical Evangelist at AppDynamics)

  • Christian Posta (Global Field CTO of Red Hat)

  • Setu Kulkarni (VP of Strategy and Business Development at Whitehat Security)

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