Tom's Tech Notes: What You Need to Know About Containers [Podcast]

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Tom's Tech Notes: What You Need to Know About Containers [Podcast]

What do you need to know about containers for modern app development? In this podcast, nine industry experts provide their advice.

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Did you know that we launched our newest podcast last month? So far, we've covered DevOps fails, getting more out of IoT, DevSecOps, and more. Our latest episode, out today, covers what you need to know about containers.

The Tom's Tech Notes podcast features conversations that our research analyst Tom Smith has had with software industry experts from around the world as part of his work on our research guides

Listen in to the latest episode to learn about the essentials of containers in modern application development. 

Today's interviewees are:

  • Shiv Ramji (VP of Product, Digital Ocean)

  • Sheng Liang (Co-founder and CEO, Rancher Labs)

  • Scott McCarthy (Principal Product Manager - Containers, Red Hat)

  • OJ Ngo (CTO, DH2i)

  • Loris Degioanni (CTO, Sysdig)

  • Keith Kuchler (VP Engineering, SolarWinds)

  • Bich Le (Chief Architect, Platform9)

  • Armon Dadgar (Founder and CTO, HahiCorp)

  • Anand Shah (Software Development Manager, Provenir)

And, as always, you can find our podcasts on:

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