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I wanted to explain what the tooling workshop is, why I think it’s awesome, and therefore why there should be more of these.

The cliff notes

It’s 1 day, 3 teachers. You get to pick and choose 4 of the 6 topics. All designed around being a better front end developer giving you the core skills you need for project work.

Most importantly, the day is organised so you can choose any 4 topics and see them all – we’ve worked hard to make sure that’s possible. RequireJS, debugging, build and release processes, testing techniques, using git to its full advantage and Sass are all for the picking.

£220+VAT – sign up now! And if you think there should be more of these, let me know!

Planning the perfect day

What makes this day special is that you choose the content. So the day has been organised to allow for that, but the order of sessions is important to make sure you can get to them all. Below you can choose 4 topics (two in the morning, two in the afternoon), and the planner will show you what order you need to attend the sessions (and yes, this will be available on the day):

  • Sass with Jake
  • RequireJS with Rebecca
  • Testing with Rebecca
  • Git with Jake
  • Debugging with Remy
  • Build with Remy

There’s an interactive tool further down this page that will allow you try out different combinations.

Who are the trainers?

  1. Myself, Remy Sharp
  2. Rebecca Murphey who’s been doing loads of really great stuff in the developer tools arena,explaining what we should be using and why.
  3. Jake Archibald who now works for Lanyrd and has loads of hands on experience with the problems developers face

Is there any more detail on what will each session will cover

A bit more, yes. Head over to 2012.full-frontal.org/workshop/tooling for full details.

How much, when and where?

£220+VAT (so £264), Wednesday 6th November 2012 at The Lighthouse in Brighton.

You can buy your ticket here

Is this suitable for beginners/intermediate/experts?

We’re shooting for these workshops to be ideally accessible for beginners and intermediate experienced developers. Obviously however if you’re an expert in Git, you’ll be able to miss that session and attend any of the other four sessions.

On top of which, there’ll be hands on exercises throughout the day, and practise makes perfect!

Why the mini sessions?

I felt like I needed to learn about Sass and RequireJS, but I knew that I needed more than a 45 minute conference session to get the taster I needed. Equally I didn’t want to spend £400 on a full day of Sass. What I really wanted was the taster but with hands on exercises as it’s the “fingers to keyboard” that helps my brain remember and really learn.

So why not create a mixed bag, interactive workshop where you get to have real hands on tasters. Not quite a full workshop where often there will be potions that I might know already, but where I get to decide the technologies I learn.

Do I need to decide which sessions I attend now?

No, but we will ask closer to the event which sessions you’re likely to attend so we can organise our schedule appropriately. One room holds 30 people, the others hold 16, so we’ll make sure the rooms are carefully balanced to demand.

Can I really attend any 4 sessions?

Yes. We’ve carefully planned the order of sessions so any combination of sessions is possible. Here’s a session planner (which you’ll have access to on the day too):

What if a session is full on the day?


If that’s the case, we’ll give you first priority when the session runs again. Make sure you prioritise the most important sessions you want for the morning (if possible).

Can I attend the same session twice?

If you so desire, absolutely.

Is there a question I haven’t answered?

If there is, just drop a comment and I’ll include the answer in this FAQ-type-blog post.

Deploying code to production can be filled with uncertainty. Reduce the risks, and deploy earlier and more often. Download this free guide to learn more. Brought to you in partnership with Rollbar.


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