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Tools from Adobe MAX 2010 [Video]

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Tools from Adobe MAX 2010 [Video]

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Whew, just got back from another great Adobe MAX conference. Full of surprises: exciting new tools and opportunities; amazing gifts; and, even movie star guests. I was also able to reconnect with old friends (always great people at Adobe events.

New Stuff.

I. Molehill: low-level, GPU-accelerated 3D APIs for creating amazing 3D experiences in Flash for the browser. Check it out:

II. Wallaby: Flash-to-HTML tool. Dang, this is cool. The idea is that you can create your Flash animations in the Flash IDE, using the Flash timeline, and this new tool (code name: Wallaby) will output an HTML-based version of the animation. Pretty impressive. I remember several months ago when I spoke with the Adobe team who was working on this. It still seemed far off, but they have come a long way. I love that they included the ability to even copy specific, individual movieclip animations, as independent HTML components, and paste them directly into other HTML-based content.

III. AIR 2.5 is out! This release provides new features and support for development on the desktop, TV, Android, iOS and on RIM’s QNX platform. New features include hooks into an accelerometer, camera, video, microphone, gestures and multitouch as well as support for geo-location. I was blown away to hear that the GUI for the new Playbook tablet from RIM is using AIR!


Developer Tools (Gifts).
In order to start developing for Android mobile and Google TV, I left the event with a brand new Droid 2 (thank you Motorola), a Logitech Revue with Google TV (thank you Google), a BlackBerry Torch and a voucher for a free Playbook coming early 2010 (thank you RIM). I’ve got the tutorials fired up and ready to go!

Movie Stars.
If all that excitement wasn’t enough, attendees got to see Martha Stewart on stage with Kevin Lynch talking about her new iPad app. And, my all time hero, William Shatner, joined as guest hots for the MAX Awards and Adobe Sneak Peak presentation. Shatner was the stand-in for Leonard Nimoy, who was originally scheduled to host – before he became too ill. Thanks Captain Kirk – you rocked!


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