Tools, Testing, and the Best Security for Your App

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Tools, Testing, and the Best Security for Your App

What's trending in tools, testing, and app security? Read on to find out.

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As developers and users, we are constantly looking for ways to make our apps better with new tools and better testing. In the news this week, factors to consider when choosing a mobile app development tool are discussed; humidity is introduced as an app testing condition; and biometrics are named as the best for mobile app security.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Mobile Development Tools

Choosing the right tool for developing your mobile application can be an intimidating prospect. Each of the many tools on the market has their benefits and drawbacks, and everyone seems to have an opinion on which you should use. The key to finding the right tool for you is to consider eight important factors: usability, cost, lifecycle management, security, integration, expertise required, the type of application you are creating, and delivery to your end users. The importance of each factor varies based upon things such as your existing toolset and budget. Determining the most important factors for you and your company will allow you to choose the mobile app development tool that will help you be as effective as possible.

Humidity as an Application Testing Condition

When determining your test conditions, you likely think of things such as network and location changes, low power, and apps running in the background. A new report from Apteligent indicates that app testing needs to broaden to include weather conditions of users, specifically humidity levels. According to the report, this is “due to the science behind the propagation of radio waves. Increases in water vapor cause attenuation of the waves, especially at high-frequency bands.” What does this mean for your app? In a nutshell, your app will run an average of 15% slower in the summer, especially in climates that are typically humid. Reports such as this cause developers to look at testing in new and innovative ways to create the best app for their end users. This is bringing real-world testing to a whole new level!

Biometrics are Best for Mobile App Security

In a survey by Evans Data, it was concluded that over a third of developers placed their confidence in biometrics authentication for their app security. Biometric technology is not new, but the novelty of iris scanners and facial recognition make it a trendy but secure choice for developers. However, the ease of a fingerprint scanner makes this biometric technology especially appealing to users. Knowing your customers and their mobile needs is a vital part of creating an app that they will love and trust.

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