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I am proud to announce my open-source project tools4j-config; a project that will try to address configuration concerns in Java once and for all.

I have seen and heard about far too many projects that handle configuration carelessly, causing endless headaches when put into production. Some notable nuisance are non-uniform interfaces, unmanageable structural and data changes in disparate sources, diffuse configuration intents and correlation to system concepts and lack of documentation.

Tools4j-config is my reaction from scratching an itch trying to help developers, operators and administrators (devops) to cooperatively manage configuration. This is the starting point and an honest attempt to try implement a framework that handle these concerns in a simple, productive, uniform, extendible and portable way.

The mission statement and motivation for tools4j-config is taken from the announcement on freecode.com and goes something like this.

Tools4j-config support long-running enterprise Java applications with a framework for handling configuration changes without restarting themselves.

It also aids in developing applications which are decoupled from knowing how and where to store, retrieve, and validate configurations.

The aim is to liberate applications to use configurations seamlessly on the terms of their particular environment, without constraining them to Java SE, EE, OSGi, Spring, CDI, or any other programming model or framework.

Tools4j-config is a true open source project, contributing ideas or criticism on any collaborative level is highly appreciated and will never be neglected or considered too small. Committers are welcomed with open arms.

The information on tools4j-config is presentable but a bit scarce at the moment but will build up gradually towards a 1.0 release.

Sure been a long time coming but expect a lot more on the topic of Configuration Management from me this year :-)


From http://stoffe.deephacks.org/2012/02/01/tools4j-config/


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