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Top 10 Android Devices of 2018 You Need to Use for Mobile App Testing

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Top 10 Android Devices of 2018 You Need to Use for Mobile App Testing

If you're developing a mobile app for Android, here is a list of the top ten devices you need to be testing on.

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Our team keeps an eye on the trends in the mobile world to provide you the most relevant and important information about all the changes. Spring is the right time to have a new round of testing of your app and to check its compatibility with different Android devices. To make your life easier we've collected the statistics report about the most popular Android devices in some of the countries around the globe for you to be aware of what devices to test your app on.

Top 10 Android Mobile Devices in the USA

In the USA, Samsung takes all the 10 first places by providing a wide range of devices - starting from flagships, to the budget models. As Samsung Galaxy S7 is still the leader of the chart (5.7), Samsung Galaxy S8 is gaining popularity and takes now the second place with 4.5%. The tendency to have a large screen is obvious and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus takes 3rd place on the list.

Top 10 Android Mobile Devices in the UK

The situation is quite the same on the other side of Atlantic in the UK. The only manufacturer that takes the first 10 places is Samsung. It appears that British people like new models and prefer the Galaxy S7 Edge (8.3%) to the Galaxy S7 (7.1%), that is in second place. Third place belongs to a more recent device, Samsung S8, with the same 7.1% so we can expect it to take the first place soon.

I Asian users, if your app's target group is Asian users, then you also need to consider the top devices in different countries of Asia.

Top 10 Android Mobile Devices in Japan

The leader of Japan mobile market is Sony. The first place is taken by Sony Xperia XZ (5.8%), the second belongs to Sony Xperia Z5 (3.7%). Sony takes 8 of 10 places in the 10 top devices, sharing only with Samsung (5th and 8th).

Top 10 Android Mobile Devices in China

China's mobile market is full of local brands, so there are some new players among the top Android devices, but the first and second places still belong to Samsung devices: Samsung Galaxy S8+ (1.8%) and Galaxy S8 (1.6 %).

We've checked the popularity of Android devices produced by different manufacturers in EU5. It's obvious that one cannot neglect the devices of such manufacturers as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Google. The most popular ones on the list are

  • Huawei P8 Lite
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
  • Huawei P10 lite

When choosing on which devices to test your mobile app, it is better to have these statistics at hand. It will help you to concentrate on the important things and point out the possible drawbacks or issues. The more devices you've tested your app on, the fewer chances for your app to have bugs.

The report is based on the statistics taken from Appbrain and internal researches.

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