Top 10 Free Tools for Mobile Startups

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Top 10 Free Tools for Mobile Startups

For mobile startups who are just getting off the ground, these free tools can provide support for you to develop your apps, manage your social media, and more.

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You’re a small startup with an even smaller budget, but you’ve got an incredible app idea that you’re determined to execute. And as most startups go, taking advantage of some of the incredible (free) tools out there is a necessity. But it’s hard to know which ones to use and for what task.

Luckily, we decided to gather the top free tools for mobile startups so you don’t have to do the research.


Let Buffer take care of all your social media troubles. Manage all your social media accounts in one place and schedule ahead of time so you never miss a post. You can also check to see how your content is performing with Buffer’s analytics on each post. Find out if you’re trending and which types of content your audience prefers. Buffer also offers an easy to use browser extension, so you can save something to share later or share on the spot.


Typeform lets you create any type of form you want. Engage your users with fun and interactive forms. Ask users anything you want from general registration questions to user feedback. Typeform allows you to create forms that flow naturally and helps keep respondents focused. You can also keep them in focus with your brand values and customize forms accordingly.


Appsee is a mobile app analytics platform that provides mobile professionals with qualitative analytics. Their user recordings enable mobile professionals to obtain the most accurate picture of each user’s in-app experience. Appsee also offers touch heatmaps, which highlight exactly where users are interacting with each screen and whether users encountered any usability issues.


Want to take your marketing practices to the next level? Well, MailChimp can help you with their marketing automation platform. They’ll help you find your audience, engage with them and build your brand. You can create unique, engaging email campaigns for any update or message you want to send to your users. And take advantage of MailChimp’s reports so you can continually improve and grow your email marketing efforts.


Keep you and your team members organized with the help of Trello. Create boards, lists, and cards which can help you prioritize tasks and projects. Any team in your startup can create a board from marketing to product to design. See the overall picture or zoom in on each card and collaborate with members.


Whether you’re working in the same office or remotely, Slack keeps teams communicating seamlessly. All your communication is together allowing everyone to see what’s going on. If you can’t remember what was said last week or even yesterday, you can search for it because all messages are archived.


Keep your files organized and accessible with Dropbox. They’re safely synced across all your devices so you can have quick and easy access to them. Dropbox allows for easy, creative collaboration with team members since everyone will always have the right version. Dropbox also offers Dropbox Paper which gives team’s a creative space to bring different ideas to life.


Design, prototype, and collaborate effortlessly on Marvel’s platform. You can create screens directly in Marvel or add images from Sketch or Photoshop. With their prototyping tool you can create for iPhone, iPad, Desktop, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Android. Easily add gestures or transitions to make it feel like the real thing. Once you’re done, send it over to your team members for quick and easy feedback on each screen.


Make your days more efficient and automate your workflows with Zapier. Put your focus where it needs to be knowing Zapier has your web app automations under control. Zapier was created as a do-it-yourself service with no developer help needed. Choose from more than 750 apps to create any unique Zap you want.


Wave is a financial software that can help you track your expenses, send invoices and get paid. Your financial documents will always look professional if you’re sending invoices, estimates or receipts. Wave also allows you to track the status of your payments so you know when to expect the money.

These tools are incredible and are eager and willing to help you and your startup achieve success. With these tools in your back pocket, you can move quickly and confidently through the murky mobile startup atmosphere.

We’re rooting for you so go forth and achieve app success!

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