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Video: Part 3 of an Introduction to the NetBeans APIs

This one's veeery long. Pour yourself a coffee that will last you 47 minutes or so. rejected it because it was too large, so I had to resort to (with a registration process that lasted all of 1 minute, literally) and the Sun site instead (the quality of the latter seems to be many times better, so that's the one I'm using below).

So, here it is, part 3. After a brief recap of the previous parts, you learn all about the Window System API, as well as some digressions into Spring RCP and Groovy:

Site for downloading for off-line viewing: window-system-api.flv

Please give feedback! How can this series be improved? (Apart from my proximity to the mic changing randomly.) Technically, I've worked through most problems and at least my voice is clear (thanks "Remove Noise" button in Camtasia). The next one, planned for some time this week, will be about the NetBeans File System API.

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