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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Cloud Foundry Summit (#CFSummit)

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Cloud Foundry Summit (#CFSummit)

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You get a hoodieThe third Cloud Foundry Summit will be held in Santa Clara on May 11-12. ActiveState exhibited at, and attended, the previous two. Of course we'll be at this one as well, unveiling a new version of Stackato with some really cool capabilities. We hope you will join us.

The Summit is aimed at developers, operators, and managers who leverage Cloud Foundry (the industry's leading open source platform-as-a service). There should be around 1500 people and it's going to be awesome.

The program is live on the site and there are even discount codes available that will get you 25% off of the registration fee. Try: CFSSCP.

If you're still on the fence, please consider my personal top 10 reasons to attend:

  1. This is the first Cloud Foundry Summit organized by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. You'll get to meet Sam Ramji, Chip Childers, Mike Maney, and others. You'll also hear first hand about the Foundation's progress to date and how you can become involved to make Cloud Foundry even stronger.

  2. Technical hands-on sessions for the technical folks. This isn't just a high-level business person oriented conference. There are plenty of hands-on operational focused sessions covering how to Deploy Your First Cloud Foundry App, Cloud Foundry Logging & Metrics, Simplifying Services with the Apache Brooklyn Catalog, Using Service Brokers to Manage Data Lifecycle, and much more.

  3. Higher level sessions for the business folks. This isn't just a technical person oriented conference. There are also plenty of sessions discussing how to transform your organization using the third-platform (to use IDC's term that ActiveState has adopted), such as Left Brain Meets Right Brain - The Power of Code, Community and Culture by the super-entertaining Dr. Angel Luis Diaz, Building a Case for Transformational Change by Siki Giunta of Verizon Cloud, Apps and Platforms: Enablers for Today's Cloud-Native Enterprises by Bill Hilf of HP, and lots more.

  4. Non technical, but very interesting, sessions for everybody including The Oath of the Innovator by Christine McKinley and How I Accidentally Used Open Source Ideology to Make a Bestselling Novel by Andy Weir, author of The Martian. I have absolutely no idea what that session will be all about, but I'll be there to be entertained and find out. Maybe I'll even buy the book for my flight down.

  5. The Ask Dr. Nic Hour. If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Nic speak or have met him in person, you'll know why you want to see this. If you haven't done either, then just trust me. It will definitely be both informational and extremely entertaining.

  6. Real world experiences from real world Cloud Foundry users. Plenty of real world Cloud Foundry users will be attending the conference. Where else can you meet and network with so many of them? Several of them will even get up on stage (including Comcast, Garmin, DigitalGlobe, Corelogic, Kroger, and others) and talk about their real experiences with Cloud Foundry.

  7. All of the Cloud Foundry Foundation members will be there. Meet, network, and learn from them! Send your best bizdev people to unearth new partnership opportunities to leverage inward or outward looking synergistic value-enhancing win-win outcomes.

  8. Hear about the latest Cloud Foundry innovations involving Docker, Lattice, Diego, Azure, and possibly even Windows (gasp!).

  9. Cloud Foundry is people. It's a rapidly growing community with a lot of big name corporate sponsorships, significant enterprise adoption, and cutting edge technology. But it's really about the cool people who work on core Cloud Foundry, on various distributions, inside the Foundation, or are end-users. I got to meet a lot of people at the previous two Summits who I otherwise may have never met in person. They're all great people with interesting stories to tell. You absolutely will not regret spending two days with them.

  10. There will be hoodies. If you're like me, you love sweet swag. In addition to collecting new stickers, t-shirts, doohickeys, and possibly even underwear, I personally guarantee a really nice, cozy, fashionable hoodie for everyone. Sure, it likely won't be handed out by Oprah, but take what you can get. #ThereWillBeHoodies

We look forward to seeing you there. Please come by our booth and say hi!


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