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Top 10 Resources for Python Developers

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This week, DZone has released its latest Refcard: Core Python. If you want to expand your Python skills even further, you're in luck, because we dug into the DZone archives and assembled a top ten list of the best Python resources. Most of them are quick tutorials for commonly needed tasks - downloading a file with Python is a critical thing to know how to do, after all - but some make comparisons or present useful tools as well. Here are the top ten:

  1. How To: Download a File With Python

  2. Python for Data Analysis

  3. TDD in Python in 5 Minutes

  4. Python - Getting Started with Selenium WebDriver on Ubuntu/Debian 

  5. Python vs Ruby: Maintainability

  6. Processing XML in Python with ElementTree

  7. Python: Reading a JSON File

  8. Beginning with OpenCV in Python 

  9. Linux System Mining with Python

  10. How to Submit a Web Form in Python

Core Python

Python is an interpreted dynamically typed language, structured using indentation to create readable and beautiful code, and boasting a vast array of libraries to make complex computing tasks ridiculously simple. This Refcard covers Python 2.x-3.x.

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