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Top 10 SOA Twitterers

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Top 10 SOA Twitterers

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 If Twitter provides any measure of the pulse of a technology, then SOA is far from dead -- in fact, it is alive and well and the subject of many Tweets. DZone has sifted through all the SOA chirping and assembled a list of what it deems to be the top 10 SOA Twitterers (in no particular order):

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10. Anne Thomas Manes @atmanes

Anne is Research Director at the Burton Group and one of the most respected voices in the industry.

9. Joe Mckendrick @joemckendrick

Joe is the SOA community manager for ebizQ, and speaks frequently on Enterprise 2.0 and SOA topics at industry events and Webcasts.

8. David Linthicum @DavidLinthicum

eBizQ columnist and renowned distributed computing and application integration expert. 

7. Ron Schmelzer @rschmelzer 

Lead analyst and co-founder of ZapThink -- if there's an important discussion happening in the SOA universe, you can bet that Ron has something to say about it.  

6. Stefan Tilkov @stilkov 

Lead SOA editor of InfoQ, author of numerous articles and a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

5. Miko Matsumura @mikojava 

A DZone favourite -- we've interviewed Miko twice on the state of SOA. Miko is a respected thought leader, forward-looking and has a knack for distilling complex technologies & trends into memorable analogies.

4. Christian Lakota @soachief

The SOA Chief. What more is there to say?

3. Todd Biske @toddbiske

Author of SOA Governance (Packt Publishing) as well as the DZone SOA Governance Refcard.

2. Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe 

Enterprise architect, keynote speaker, author, blogger, and consultant on Web 2.0, SOA, and next-gen business

1. Dana Gardner @Dana_Gardner

Thought leader on enterprise software, SOA, cloud-based strategies, and IT strategies. He is a prolific blogger and podcaster.


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