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Top 10 Security Tips for Cloud App Users and Developers

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Top 10 Security Tips for Cloud App Users and Developers

Learn a mix of password tips as well as tips for security features you should build into your cloud apps.

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Cloud computing is the new way to store data on the server. This new and, absolutely fascinating method of storage has actually attracted many companies. Now, your entire headache has been given off to the digital world thus reducing your stress. What more can you ask for? You need not think of malware, monitoring your PC software, protect it from external attacks etc. In short, you don’t need to bother at all. There’s this smart system that is taking care of it all on your behalf.

But, then even with the smartest system, you need to be a bit careful. This is why it is said that you need to ensure some security while storing your data on the cloud computing system. It’s not really complicated but, it is not a cakewalk either. There are a total of ten steps which if followed correctly would ensure proper security for your data on the cloud storage system.

Unique Passwords

When you are being asked for your credentials, make sure they are unique. A unique password is difficult to hack and, this is the first step towards a secure system. Also, when you are assigning one password for some system, make sure the password to the next system is different. This way the hacker can get through only one system when a password is compromised and, your other systems still survive. Learn how to create and remember a strong password

The Security Question

Answers to security questions should not be available to the hacker easily. For example your public profiles should not be able to answer your security question. Make sure you have a weird answer to your question i.e. the question should be one and, the answer should be for the next question. A complete mismatch will help protect your data. Check out these examples of good security questions.

Encryption Works

Encryption is always a good idea to protect your data. It scrambles your code and, makes it difficult for the hacker to find it out. It is a little task for the user but, then it is security.

Password Management

You are going to have a lot many passwords and, managing them is going to be a task. An app that would help you manage the several different passwords so that you don’t have to remember them and, at the same time you don’t have to write them down is a good way to manage passwords. Password Management apps for 2015

Two Step Login

Instead of allowing a login using your credentials, make it a bit more secure. When you are done with entering your credentials, a code should appear on your phone. You can login to the system only when you enter the code. This way the system is more secure and, chances of hacking are reduced. Even when somebody does get hold of your credentials, they would still not be able to hack into your system.

Backup on Physical Drive

Does the idea of backing up the data on a physical drive when using cloud computing seem strange? Well, it is strange but for all security purposes you should have a backup of the data. When you are unable to access the cloud or, in cases of system crashing down you would still have your data in hand.

Delete Data on Cloud

When some data becomes useless to you, ensure you have deleted it from the cloud space. Yes, the normal attitude is to have it on as long as you have space. But, then you have no idea what data when leaked could prove dangerous to you. So, keep deleting data that is no longer useful.

Log-In Devices

Its very possible that you are logging in from a device that’s not your own. What if these devices are saving your ID and password? This could be dangerous to you especially if the data is very important or confidential. So, ensure that you delete the information or, do not login from such devices.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spy

You might have your data on the cloud server but, remember you access that server from your system. Chances of a virus (Malware) attack are very normal in such cases. So, your system and, in turn your data is at risk. Also, if you have not encrypted the code, chances of hacking become high. So, if the system is hacked or a virus attack occurs, your data is completely lost. So, ensure your system has both anti spy and, anti-virus software installed for safety.

Avoid Sharing Information

Do not share your passwords and, other cloud related information with anyone. This might just cause issues in the security and, your data is completely insecure.

If you follow these 10 steps ritually, you will surely get access to a safe cloud system. It is only when your data storage system is completely safe and secure that spying or hacking can be prevented and, data loss can be stopped.

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