Top 10 Websites Every Software Tester Should Follow in 2018

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Top 10 Websites Every Software Tester Should Follow in 2018

If you already follow our site every day and are still hungry for more, these ten sites can help you become a better software tester or QA professional.

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In this new year of 2018, we have come up with the top ten websites for every software tester, test automation expert, and QA. This list is a complete dictionary, whether you need an answer to solve any bug, the latest updates on testing, or if you are planning to get into the software testing field and preparing for interview questions, you will get all the answers to your query.

Let’s start…

Software Testing Help

STH is one of the most popular software testing blogs with the best software testing tutorials, which basically focus on software testing and quality assurance topics. They are getting thousands of daily visits on their software testing tutorials, methodologies, manual testing, automation testing, different features of testing tools, and interview questions.


This is the world’s largest open community and professional network, having 200,000+ testers from 144 countries. It exists to advance and promote the software testing profession. Uplift your testing skills – read articles, rate different tools, learn new skills, find paid projects, and chat about technology, careers, and trends with your peers under one roof at uTest.


Fun and free education for all. For those who get bored very easily and quickly, this one is especially for you. Learn by practice. Over 7 million people learned new skills and got a better job and better pay. The best part is, they provide all training free of cost. If you are interested in learning the popular tools, like TestRail, Selenium, QTP, and mobile testing, or want to learn new courses like Python, Java, Big Data, or Linux, then bookmark this website without fail.


Another destination for QA professionals, ToolsQA provides free online QA automation tools tutorials, which include framework development tutorials in Java, C-Sharp, and they are providing corporate training, too. They have mentioned on their website: “Thrive at work, get noticed, get promoted, Be the Leader of Your Career and Life. Because you're worth it.” So, all the corporate junkies who want to grow their career path, try this website and their tutorials.


Without wasting a single second, bookmark DZone.com now. Not because I am publishing this article here, and not even because with 1 million members, DZone is one of the largest communities. The main reason is this site is providing the latest insight into software testing, test automation, test management, DevOps, and much more. If you are looking for technical content related to software testing and QA, this is the best place to stay for learning.


Founded in 1986, this is a great online channel providing free communities for software professionals with information on emerging trends, the latest ideas, and industry news. TechWell Corporation is the leader in software conferences, training, and certification, covering Agile, DevOps, testing/QA, requirements, and more. Their hands-on experience and training expertise helps companies large and small, and lets testers, developers, and managers explore conferences, training, and consulting, as well as insights in the software testing space to develop, test, and deliver better software while improving QA processes.


If you are looking for technical answers to your questions, then you are on the right page. SQA Stack Exchange is one of the communities of Stack Exchange, which is an online platform for testers and programmers to share their knowledge and expand their learning. Basically, this one is a question-answer site for software quality control experts, automation engineers, and software testers who can engage with each other around the world to post questions related to software testing, find answers, and resolve common problems encountered during their software testing endeavors.


The definition explains itself: how DevOps can help increase the rate of software delivery and improve a company's time to market. This website is a trusted source of learning because it includes lists of great tools, best practices, blogs, posts, and articles. With a large amount of original content, DevOps.com promotes DevOps as well as continuous integration, automated deployment, and agile developments that reflect in daily test automation and software testing exercises. Apply the ideas and make the most of the test automation process by bookmarking this website for your daily use.

Ministry of Testing

Starting from a call for workshops to join a unique tester conference, to registering for the events, to being interview ready, this website is a one- stop solution for all your needs as a software tester. To follow their saying “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” they are creating the most comprehensive learning hub for software testers every week. So, don’t waste your time - add this site to your bookmarking list.


Software Test Professionals – STP is an online professional community to provide training for testing and quality assurance. Having more than 50,000 professionals, they serve the global software testing and quality assurance community. Save this website for the future to expand your knowledge and keep a check on the latest happenings in the software testing industry. They also give better ideas on how to calculate ROI for test automation.

Undoubtedly, there are many other websites, too, but these are the TOP 10 list as per our view, which give the latest and best information on software testing, whether it's manual testing, automated testing, the best software automation tools available on the market, or upcoming events, and so on. If you think another website should be added to this list, feel free to add a comment, and do let me know why it is more eligible than the available ones.

I hope these websites help you to learn and grow in the software testing profession and deliver better software this year.

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