Top 11 Programming Languages for Blockchain Development

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Top 11 Programming Languages for Blockchain Development

If you're interested into getting into blockchain development, there's a handful of languages that you should be looking at learning.

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Blockchain technology is a very fast, secure, and decentralized technology that is currently causing a paradigm shift in many industries today. The development of this technology has brought about improvements in many industries even though it has many skeptics and is not a mainframe technology yet. To develop this technology, the following programming languages are used. 


C++ is an old programming language developed during the 70s and 80s. It is a high speed, compiled, object-oriented, and strongly static programming language. This language is highly efficient. As stated in many professional writing services, it was created as a C language extension but is a more difficult language to learn and more complicated. So, it really is not for beginners. 

It is a very common language and has been used to develop many blockchain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin cash, QTUM, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cpp-ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Monero, etc. 


Also called Go, this language is a statically typed, compiled programming language developed by Google. It was developed on the basis of combining the ease of code development and the effectiveness of compiled language. This language is also quite complicated and can be hard to learn, especially for JavaScript and Python developers. This language will be easier for C++ developers. 

This program has been used for many blockchain projects such as Hyperledger Fabric and Go-Ethereum.  


This is a high level, compiled, and object-oriented programming language created in the late 90s and early 00s for Microsoft. This language has many similarities to Java and C++ languages. Although it’s not a complicated language like Go, it is harder to learn than Javascript. 

The most popular blockchain project carried out with C# is NEO. C# was also used for another blockchain project called IOTA, a blockchain project based on IoT.  


This is a dynamic, weakly typed and high-level programming language. It is one of the world’s leading technologies and is based on the prototype. It is a very popular programming language that new framework is developed for building codes. It is easy to learn as the basics can be easily understood. 

It is used mainly for blockchain development in web3 and ethereum.js. It is also used for other blockchain projects such as NEO, and node.js for Hyperledger Fabric SDK. 


This object-oriented, high level, dynamically typed programming language. The popularity of the Python language has continued to increase as it is used to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence features, and it also supports functional programming. 

IT companies usually develop smart tools and frameworks which they use to support this language and used in creating chatbots. This language is easy to learn and is used popularly for a number of blockchain projects such as Ethereum (pythium). Its implementation of Steemit is called Steel Python and it is also used in the creation of NEO and Hyperledger smart contracts.  


Java is a class-based and object-based programming language that is strongly typed and is used by many companies. This language is as difficult as the C# language and is also a little harder to learn compared to JavaScript and Python. But it is still a very popularly used language and there are many assignment help resources to help learners. 

This programming language is used very popularly to develop the blockchain. Some of its uses are P2P, IOTA, NEM platform and cryptocurrency. Java is also used in other blockchain objects such as Bitcoin J, NEO contract, IBM blockchain, Ethereum, and Hyperledger’s contract. 


Ruby is a programming language that is purely based on the object. It was developed in the 90s by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Japan. In Ruby, everything apart from blocks are objects, and there is a replacement in lambda and procs. 

The reason for developing Ruby is to work as a buffer between human programmers and underlying computing machines. This program is easy to learn especially for programmers on Java and the C family because it has a similar syntax to this programming language. 


This programming language is a compiled language that is strongly typed with Mozilla sponsoring it since 2009. Rust is a language that is very easy to learn because it has a lot of similarity to C++. The community for this language is very small and it has a very high entry-level. 

This programming language is used for just a few blockchain projects, an example is a Parity with their HR software which is a very fast and secure Ethereum client. While Ethereum Classic is the most prominent blockchain project written in this programming language, another blockchain project developed with this language is Exonum, a blockchain framework that’s security-oriented. 


Created by the same people that developed Ethereum, this programming language is contact-oriented and statically typed. Solidity was created for developing smart contracts and is ethereum smart contract main programming language. 

This language is very similar to JavaScript but there are small changes. So, it is not a very complicated language and it is easy for mid-level developers to understand the basics of this language and work with it. 


This program was created very recently towards the end of 2017. It was also developed mainly for smart contracts and blockchain development. This language hides logical components that are of low level, thereby, increase productivity. 

It is very similar to C++, and prevent errors and data changes using blockchain principles. Developer teams are still working on this language and are trying to expand their capabilities before finalizing its features and adding them to bitcoin. So, this language is set to become more applicable from mid-late 2020.  


This is a very convenient language to design blockchain projects because of its ability to highlight simple errors. It also gives array, propelled cuts, and pointers. The initial assemblage of this program is over Go, meaning that the framework will not execute discretionary codes. 

This language can work as the middle-language for digital contracts but was initially made for developing the blockchain Skycoin. This language is able to proficiently use the GPU capacity and also integrates with OpenGL (Open Graphics Library). 


The reason we can carry out cryptocurrency exchange is because of the blockchain technology, and with programming languages being built specifically for the development of blockchain, you can bet that blockchain development will only get better.  

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