Top 15 Benefits of Automated Testing Tools

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Top 15 Benefits of Automated Testing Tools

Why should you automate testing for your software, web, or mobile apps? Himani Kankaria gives us 15 reasons why you should.

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“I am a tester and I want to automate my tests. Can you suggest the best tool to perform automated testing?”

“Which are the best automated testing tools?”

Above are the samples of the questions that poured in my request answer list in the Quora last month. This inspired me to ask one more question to myself.

Why Automate Your Software, Web, or Mobile Apps?

Obviously, the most common answer would be the trends. Yes, the latest software testing trends say that the automation is going to hit the market tremendously.

According to the market study, around 35% of the organizations have already implemented automated testing strategies into their testing procedures. And, 29% of the companies have plans to implement it by the end of this year.

This means the companies are now moving towards automation industry as soon as possible because to compete, one needs to stay updated with the leading technologies in the industry.

Why Most Companies Are Using Automated Testing Tools

Let’s discuss the top 15 benefits to perform automated testing for your software, web, and mobile applications:

Saves Time

Most of the testers find problems with the time required to write long test scripts to perform testing especially when it is regression testing. This takes a hell lot of time of the testers and the delivery of the bug-free application is delayed.

A delayed product delivery is not good for any business.

Checks Quality

Once you are done with your manual testing procedures, if you apply automated testing processes, it is going to help you cross-check the test results. Thus, improves the quality of the manual test scripts.

Early Bug Detection

While developing a software, you can easily find bugs when software testing is performed via automated software testing tools. This can save a lot of time and efforts on the SDLC.

Performing Tests 24/7

This one is very interesting. If you think you want to go for a dinner date and your boss is on your heads to finish a particular test, you can schedule it for the night and easily leave for your date. The next morning, once you reach to your office, you have your test results ready.


Well, this goes perfectly very easy to understand with automated testing. When you have your test scripts prepared using test automation tools, they are saved for the future requirements. So, you can utilize as many times as you want especially for automating regression testing.

Cheers to all the testers here!

Distributed Test Execution

Automated testing comes with distributed testing feature. You can easily execute your test scripts on more than one computer on a shared network or server simultaneously. So, you don’t need more than one tool, but only one automated testing tool will be all that you need.

Easy & Robust Reporting

Automation testing tools have this amazing benefit of tracking each and every test script. Each and every test script executed can be seen in visual logs. These reports can clearly show the no. of test scripts already executed, scheduled, their reported bugs and how they had been fixed.

Testing Capabilities

When it comes to capabilities, automated testing tools can test the web applications on the various browsers available in the market via browser testing automation.

Also, when it comes to mobile application testing, you can test them on various devices. This is next to impossible to achieve with manual testing.

Improves Test Coverage

Many a time, there are test cases with more than thousand lines of code and to write it and test it would be very difficult with manual testing. This can be easily done with automated testing. Also, these tools will make sure about the in and out of the application like the databases, UI, web services, etc. works according to the requirements. Thus, improving the overall test coverage.

Manpower Utilization

This is relative to the above benefits. If you are implementing test automation in your testing processes, you will require less manual efforts. Thus, it will decrease the no. of people on just one particular project and you can utilize them in the various testing projects.

Improves Team Motivation

This is a big challenge in the testing industry. Yes, when you have your manpower distributed among various testing projects, your team can learn about new challenges, new bugs, new skill sets, etc.

Testing Flexibility

The automated testing tools are developed by the teams who have been into manual testing for years. So, these tools are going to be flexible to match the future testing specifications. You can utilize these testing tools for longer periods of time — say for years.

Improves Accuracy

Here, no tester is being blamed. A tester with more than 10 years of experience can also make mistakes when they have to prepare the same old boring manual test scripts again and again. When this done with automated testing, not only the results are accurate, but also saves time.

Overcomes Failures of Manual Testing

There are times when accurate test results are next to impossible with manual testing, like in the stress testing, test automation has proved to be a boon here.

Improves ROI

The most important benefit is the Return on Investment. Obviously, when you are planning to invest in automated testing tools, first you need to figure out how you are going to be benefited with those tools in terms of ROI.

The cost of manual testing includes the time, cost of manual hours and the efforts of the testers, QA managers, etc. And, if you have automated testing tools, you are going to test faster, easily, efficiently, accurately and would be delivering bug-free application within the delivery time period.


The above benefits would definitely help you to improve your testing processes with the help of the leading automated testing tools. Most of the trial version of these tools come with limited functionality. So, you would need to purchase their license to experience the whole lot of features and benefits of test automation.

Have you experienced any of the above benefits in automated testing? Do have another set of benefits that falls under test automation? Kindly share it with me, I am all ears!

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