Software Testing Blogs to Follow in 2018

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Software Testing Blogs to Follow in 2018

These blogs and help sites will help you boost your software testing skills. We hope you stick with us in 2018, but these sites can help grow your knowledge even more!

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1. Guru99

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Guru99 is one of the best learning resources that you should follow to enhance your skills. It has a huge repository of tutorials and knowledge related to test management, performance testing, enterprise testing, mobile testing, security testing, and many other topics. Bookmark this website now to level up your skills. Learning new courses on the go has never been so easy!

2. Software Testing Help

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Software Testing Help is one of the most popular websites focusing on Software Testing and Quality Assurance topics, headed by Vijay. This blog is the best place to learn and master your testing skills. It covers various topics about automation testing, manual testing, and web testing, testing templates, quality assurance, testing certifications, books, career guidance, and testing tutorials. It also helps you get updated with the trends, latest happenings, and news.

3. Sticky Minds Blog

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Sticky Minds is a community in collaboration with Techwell community. With Sticky Minds, user community can help you stay up-to-date on the testing trends, conferences, and training through the articles and events updated weekly. And if you are having problems with testing, the interactive community of testers will help you get the answer in the Q&A section. Sign up Sticky Minds now to engage with the community and expand your knowledge.

4. Software Testing Class

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Software Testing Class is a complete website for Software Testing folks to get started with useful tutorials, articles, training materials, courses… related to various topics and categories. You can find almost everything you need about software testing here.

5. Abode QA

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With the mission: To bring more quality tutorial online. AbodeQA is the place where you can find a huge repository of tutorials, blogs, articles on various topics like manual testing, selenium-web-driver, Java tutorials, Katalon, and more, and they are totally free. All the content comes from passionate Software Professionals and if you want, you can become the author on this site to contribute and share your knowledge.

6. Execute Automation***

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Execute Automation is the best website, which provides useful knowledge on Automation testing tools and concepts. The features that make Execute Automation different from other websites are simplicity and concise knowledge about automation testing tools and process.


7. Learn-Automation

Learn-Automation is a technical community with 10000 members and more than 20000 members on social media.

Learn-Automation is headed by Mukesh Otwani online since 2013 and it is one of the popular blogs when it comes to Selenium or Automation topics. The main goal of doing this to reach out to your audience and share your talent, and most important give something back to Automation community.


8. Joe ColantonioImage title

If you are seeking a website to discover more about: Technical book reviews; Info on new open source test tools; Creating and running successful performance tests; Test Automation video tutorials; Tips and Tricks for using test automation tools like Selenium, soapUI and HP tools including UFT/QTP, ALM, LoadRunner, and HP Diagnostics; HP updates and patch alerts; Discover how to avoid flaky tests and 100% free Test Automation tutorials and so much more,… Then this is the right place for you.


9. Software Testing Material

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As the name suggests, Software Testing Material is the website that all the professional Software Testers can access Testing Materials. It provides cutting-edge helpful articles, best practices, and other information about the software testing that are easy to understand for testing professionals and non-technical people who want to choose a career in Software Testing. It helps especially the newbies looking for a good software testing material. In this site, you could find the posts related to Manual, Automation, Performance Testing and also we cover Interview Tips. This is the website you must bookmark in 2018.


10. ToolsQA

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ToolsQA is an automation testing blog containing various tutorials about Selenium IDE, Katalon Studio, Cucumber, TestNG, Mobile Application Testing, Java, Appium, Manual Software Testing, and more. Apart from providing tutorials, it also has a Question and Answer section for users to share the problems and difficulties in automation testing and get the answers from other users.

This Blog also provides articles about Automation testing, paid and free videos tutorials and training online,… This is the best step-by-step learning site that you should follow to shorten your learning time and avoid issues that you don’t necessarily need to face.

11. Software Test Pro

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Software Test Professional serves the global software testing and quality assurance community, providing more than 50,000 professionals with information, education, training and professional networking opportunities.

This website offers valuable white papers, conferences, training offerings, and other networking events focused on the needs of software testers and quality assurance professionals. Software Test Pro stays on top of the trends shaping the industry’s future with great member resources. Visit this website and explore new insights in the Software testing industry.

12. Software Testing Club

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Software Testing Club is a global and professional community for software testers. With more than 11.4k users and almost 500 topics, it is the leading platform containing a wide range of categories like Cool Projects: For people in the community to share awesome tools and project they have been working on or Events: A place to talk about all those testing events and so much more.

And if you are looking for a website to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news about software testing, Software Testing Club is the right place for you.

13. The Test Eye

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The Test Eye is run by three expert professionals Martin Janson, Henrik Emilsson, and Rikard Edgren. They are former colleagues that started working with software testing in the late 90′s so they are the experts in this field.

The blog focuses on topics about test ideas, scripted testing, software and agile testing, test ideas, testing techniques and so much more. Furthermore, the recommendation section will give you advice about skills, people, machines, ideas, and documentation. But as it is updated once a month, you don’t have to visit it regularly.

14. Software Testing Tricks

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Software Testing Tricks is the software testing blog for new and experienced testers, and this site is dedicated to helping testers learn the skills of testing, share their experiences. This blog is owned by Debasis Pradhan, a Tester with over 25 years of experience. Software Testing Tricks provides tips and tricks for software testers and it includes a wide range of topics like automation tools, interview questions, tutorials,… This is one of the helpful blogs that you should visit on regular basis.

15. James Bach’s Blog

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James Bach’s Blog, also known as Satisfice, is a website founded and operated by an expert in the field of computer software testing, James Marcus Bach. Satisfice is dedicated to teaching and consulting in software testing and quality assurance. This blog covers many topics like agile, exploratory testing, automation and so much more. Besides, the articles in this blog are very engaging and rich in content. Go to this blog and enhance your skills.

16. Software QA Test

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Unlike other websites, Software QA Test is not the place where you can find informative articles and discussion about Software Testing. Instead, you will find the frequently asked questions about Software QA and testing, the answers to each question. Besides, In the Resources and Tools sections, you will find a lot of resources about Software QA and Testing and the detailed information about tools. And if you are looking for a job, there are a list of job boards in the job section as well. Bookmark this website now to explore more useful sections.

17. Software Testing Magazine

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Software Testing Magazine is a free website dedicated to present articles, tutorials, blog posts, book reviews, tools, news and videos and other resources about unit testing, integration testing, functional or acceptance testing, load or performance testing in software development projects.

The blog is updated on a weekly basis and it includes many sections like Tool, knowledge, news, events,… so that you can get updates not only the latest news and information about the tools and the testing trends, but also the upcoming software testing events all over the world.

This is only my personal favorite list, so if I have missed out your favorite blogs, you can leave a comment and share with us your favorite ones.

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