Top 5 Articles on Hadoop: Rack Awareness, NiFi, and More

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Top 5 Articles on Hadoop: Rack Awareness, NiFi, and More

Check out this week's top 5 articles on Hadoop from the Hortonworks community.

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It has been another exciting week on Hortonworks Community Connection HCC. We have lots of great technical content and are continuing to see great activity.

We recommend the following assets from last week:

Top Articles from HCC

  1. Disaster recovery and Backup best practices in a typical Hadoop Cluster :Series 1 Introduction by:rbiswas Disaster recovery plan or a business process contingency plan is a set of well-defined process or procedures that need to be executed so that the effects of a disaster will be minimized and the organization will be able to either maintain or quickly resume mission-critical operations… <more>
  2. Rack Awareness by:rbiswas Rack awareness is having the knowledge of Cluster topology or more specifically how the different data nodes are distributed across the racks of a Hadoop cluster. The importance of this knowledge relies on this assumption that collocated data nodes inside a specific rack will have more bandwidth and less latency whereas two data nodes in separate racks will have comparatively less bandwidth and higher latency…. <more>
  3. Hortonworks Data Platform Development Guide by:paul Developing solutions with Hadoop commonly requires the use of multiple different HDP component libraries. Whether you’re building solutions with Pig, Spark, Cascading, or HBase, at some point extensions will need to be created, and those artifacts for each component will need to be used… <more>
  4. How to connect NiFi with Kerberized HDP (Kafka and HDFS) by:kkawamura There are already several articles describing how to setup NiFi to connect Kafka or HDFS. However, following scattered piece of documentations to complete Kerberizing HDP, and setting ACL of Zookeeper, Kafka, HDFS, and Kerberos was not an easy task for me… <more>
  5. Rack Awareness Series 2 by:rbiswas This is Series 2 of Rack awareness demonstrating quick set up of Rack Awareness of a Hadoop Cluster using Ambari… <more>

Top 5 Questions — Last Week

  1. HOW file storage in HDFS is Done? please go through details.
  2. HBase JRuby program error “NoMethodError: undefined method `add’ for nil:NilClass”
  3. hdf / nifi code promotion to production
  4. Error on avro M/R job with Tez: missing configuration property
  5. Kafka json events filter on event name & event type and save to cassandra. Which is better kafka->Storm->Cassandra or kafka->Nifi->Cassandra?
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