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Top 5 Best Paying Companies For Software Engineers

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Top 5 Best Paying Companies For Software Engineers

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You were smart in college. While all your friends chose to invest their time and money into majoring in Interpretive dance and 15th Century Persian Studies, you headed straight into Software Engineering. It wasn’t easy – while your friends spent their nights testing the human capacity for boxed wine and Ke$ha music, you were studying until you started having hallucinations of Betty White hula-dancing on your desk. But now the tough times are over, and it’s time to reap the sweet, sweet financial rewards. If money is your objective, it’s time to learn your way around the social network, because these are the top-paying companies for software engineers:


Juniper Networks

This company, based in Sunnyvale, California, makes networking equipment like routers and Ethernet switches. Who would ever have guessed? The company also maintains its own operating system, Junos, which runs on all its devices. The mean base salary for a software engineer comes in at $128,378 USD annually – not a sum to sneeze (or make any other bodily functions) at.


If you’ve used the internet in the past decade, you know what Google is. End of discussion. You also use at least one Google service. Another end of discussion. Google software finds your search results, reads your emails, arranges your advertisements and gives half-accurate translations of all your Korean pop songs. Should you ever make the jump from user to employee, you’ll find that the average Google software engineer brings home $124,520, with the additional benefit that you get to brag about being a Google employee.


You wouldn’t necessarily think that the company whose microblogging service allows Donald Trump to spew meaningless, offensive word vomit onto the Internet, 140 characters at a time, would be offering up huge salaries to software engineers. That’s why you’re a software engineer and not a business student. The company pays software engineers an average of $120,768, which will leave you 132 more characters to boast about all the things you plan to buy with that money.


As a company, Facebook have had their ups and downs. One minute, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is hailed as the digital messiah of the socially awkward 21st century, and the next, he’s villainized as a shameless thief of personal information. No matter what the world currently thinks of Facebook, their salaries seem to be staying high – the average software engineer is paid $118,857, which a salary anyone could ‘like’.


Their individual devices cost as much as the down payment on a small home, and Apple rake in a fortune from the hordes of people who line up for miles to buy them. Fortunately, Apple are passing the revenue on to the people responsible for it, paying their software engineers an average of $118,192. On the upside, you’ll know about any upcoming iDevices long before the iShoe and the iToast ever make their market debut. Of course, you can’t actually tell anyone about these things, lest you face the risk of your employer taking a hit out on you, but you can be smug with both your knowledge and your money. 

Edward Dennis is part of Chamber Institute’s team, an English language center in Melbourne. He often discusses about the topics of social media, marketing, tech and education.


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