Top 5 Big Data Predictions for 2016

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Top 5 Big Data Predictions for 2016

Citizen analysts, real-world Big Data solutions, and merging with IoT solutions are among the predictions for 2016.

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The team at DeepSense.io recently announced their top five Big Data predictions for 2016. Presented by Michal Iwanowski, Seahorse Product Director

  1. More real-world Big Data solutions and applications will be successfully developed – especially in healthcare (with AI and Machine Learning diagnosing aids) – fueling a competitive push to create more buzzwords to differentiate expertise and create more complexity for new market entrants (our top pick: “edge analytics” driven by Dell’s EMC deal)

  2. Distributed computing and embedded sensors will receive more R&D attention since their value in the big data ecosystem and product development lifecycle is tremendous.
  3. More citizen analysts and data scientists will be created thanks to the increased availability of intuitive analytical software and tracking abilities in major areas of interest such as sports, weather, and health – this trend will help to optimize recommendation systems, predictive analytics and data wrangling.
  4. Big Data combined with IoT will help drive the digital transformation of all the major market players for years to come (both internally and externally like in HR and omnichannel marketing).
  5. Enterprises will be even more vulnerable to data breaches since more data is collected and hackers know the value that is locked away in data warehouses of their victims.
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