Top 5 Features of Automated Cross-Browser Testing Tools

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Top 5 Features of Automated Cross-Browser Testing Tools

When we focus on moving towards automated cross-browser testing, the main focus is to make sure the user interface of the app doesn't differ from browser to browser.

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Cross-browser test automation tools have been in great demand since automation has evolved. Most enterprises have already been in the process of creating paid profiles across various browser testing tools.

However, what about the other test automation tools that support cross-browser testing functionalities? Here, I am not at all talking about the browser compatibility testing tools. See, let’s first understand why to choose automated testing tools for cross-browser testing. Enterprises have already invested in test automation tools for their testing requirements. Now, it is feasible to optimize our testing costs and test coverage by utilizing our own existing automation testing tools.

Following are the top five fantastic features of our cross-browser testing automation tools to specifically improve our web application testing.

1. Supports Testing Under Varying Environments

Our all-time favorite software testing automation tools are the perfect ones for this one. These testing tools support cross browser testing under the combination of various versions of the latest browsers, platforms, and OS.

Also, there are very few test automation tools that reinforce cross-browser testing on the various browser and platform combinations without forcing you to install them on your systems. This clearly means that you don’t require to have each and every browser or platform on your computers to perform cross browser testing. We will do that on cloud.

2. Integrates With Famous Browser Platforms

Cross-browser testing tools like BrowserStack, BrowserShots, SauceLabs, etc. come with all the browsers from all over the world. However, can you imagine the number of testers hopping from their testing tools to the websites of these browser automation testing tools to execute browser testing? Most testers will find that time-consuming and boring.

Hence, there are tools that offer such functionality of accessing these browser testing tools right from the tool itself.

How easy and convenient!

3. Supports Internal and External Record and Playback Features

Now that we have known that the browser testing platforms are integrated into the automated testing tools, it would be great for all testers to know that those testing tools can also be recorded and played back for verification processes.

These testing automation tools come with internal and external recorders that record the tests on internal tools’ browsers and external browsers. This can be a bonus point for using these automated testing tools to perform cross browser testing.

4. Extensively Automates UI Testing

What is the main focus under web test automation?

Obviously, it's the UI elements of a web application. When we focus on specifically moving towards automated cross-browser testing, the main focus is to make sure the user interface of the application does not differ from browser to browser, platform to platform, or OS to OS.

Choosing an automated testing tool for performing cross-browser testing will validate and automate UI testing very effectively.

5. Offers Re-Usable Test Methods

Most of the leading automated testing tools that are well-known for their web application testing have their built-in test editor. This test editor has various methods to develop and edit the tests as and when required. So, according to me, testers working on browser testing would be happy to save their tests for similar testing requirements in the future.

For instance, if you want to perform cross-browser automation testing for a login page, you can easily do that for every website that comes before you with just tweaking their URLs. Also, you would only required to develop a test case for one browser, and you would be able to re-use it for multiple browsers without recording it again and again.


I have tried to narrate the most important features of cross-browser testing automation tools that can help us optimize automated web testing in a cost-effective manner.

Have you tried any cross browser testing tools accommodating the above features? Do share your thoughts and experiences on them in the comments section below.

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