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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Mobile apps are incredibly prevalent across a smattering of industries. Here's an overview of the best mobile apps for entrepreneurs.

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Today, managing and handling all business processes manually has become tiresome and quite exhausting because they consume a lot of efforts. Due to rapid technological advancements, recent updates have led to giving rise to a mobile revolution, which in turn resulted in a good number of productivity-centric apps. However, these apps do not promise success for your enterprise apps, they just simplify your work by managing, organizing and accelerating your business processes. Presently, business owners are majorly relying on smartphones and tablets for their daily activities. Therefore mobile apps have become an important part of our daily lives and have become a significant source of revenue for every vertical including e-commerce, consumer, and retail etc. According to a study by Statista, there are approx. 16, 00,000 mobile apps available on Google play, in which 15, 00,000 apps are available on Apple App store as of July 2015. And, games have captured the most popular category among business apps.

As per a survey conducted by Technometrica on business owners that regularly use mobile apps for their internal use, 78% of entrepreneurs and business owners who use mobile apps for their business processes and purposes believe that by using mobile apps for their businesses they were able to serve many purposes and save considerable time, which in turn, helped them in becoming more competitive and concentrate, and increased their revenue, too. Let’s take a look on a few apps that were built to facilitate entrepreneurs and their business processes and methodologies:

1. PocketA versatile bookmarking app that was previously launched as ‘Read It Later.’ Pocket helps you in managing an article list so that user can save them for later reading. It is an app that is integrated into over 500 applications and it can help you save anything or everything – right from the web page to a video. It also allows its users to access the app from anywhere. Additionally, it includes a simple tap that helps users in easily saving the content. With two display formats, it also provides the article view and the web view. In two display formats - the article view is considered as ideal for reading textual content and the web view is considered as similar to a browser.

2. Evernote:  It is a cross-platform app that easily integrates with nearly every prevalent app in order to save a variety of files. By using Evernote, you can easily save your to-do lists, quotes, write-ups, and articles for near-future references and other web scraps including its time and date tags. Moreover, it allows you to save a complete web page that includes all the contents. Its cloud framework provides comprehensive data backup and helps you in synchronizing the data between various devices, which enables its users to complete anything unfinished that is left in one device on other device.

3. WhackPack: An exciting app that includes a deck of 64 cards. And, each and Every card inaugurates a concept including its explanation. App asks its users to select a card randomly, or allows its users to show the card of the day and allows to mention your problem. And, then app displays 4 cards which includes answer to the problem. It sounds like a bit Tarot card reading. But WhackPack has emerged as an amazing way to create fresh and unique ideas.

4. Teamwork:  An app that helps you handle, manage and monitor business projects, milestones, delivery dates, schedules, details and teams. It lets you store multiple projects, go through their status, and share files with internal and external department team or individuals. Teamwork’s interface is highly intuitive and transparent, which makes it user-friendly and easy-to-use for its users.

5. SugarCRM Mobile: It lets you build a strong and robust connection with your clients by quickly managing and empowering access to CRM information, confidential data, accounts, leads and many other sales and marketing modules. Through SugarCRM Mobile, you can also easily organize meetings, attach details of various accounts, provide and share references and most importantly, it allows its users to do all of this anytime regardless of their current location.

Hope the above-mentioned apps will help entrepreneurs in managing their work and business processes effortlessly and easily.

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