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The Top 5 Mobile Zone Articles of 2014

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The Top 5 Mobile Zone Articles of 2014

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Happy New Year, DZone members. We're looking forward to a great year of big (good changes), more growth, and even better content.

To kick off the new year, let's take a look at the top performing articles in the Mobile Zone that were published in 2014. Using our handy Google Analytics, I created this list based on page views (ordered 1-5, most views to lesser views). Of course, there are other ways to gauge what makes a successful post on DZone.

For the purposes of this article, though, here's the most-clicked on articles for the past year in the Mobile Zone.

1. How to Build an iOS & Android App in 24 Hours with HTML5 and Cordova 

What can one create during the New Year and Christmas holidays? As it turned out – quite a lot. Even if you have two kids and a bunch of family members with whom you want to visit. In this article, you'll find an hour-by-hour chronicle of HTML5 and Cordova app development, complete with sources and tips.

2. Be a Lazy but a Productive Android Developer, Part 4: Card UI

Welcome to part 4 of the “Be a lazy but a productive Android developer” series. If you're too lazy an Android developer to create row items for ListView/GridView, but would want to create an awesome ListView/GridView in a few easy steps, then this article is for you.

3. How to Enable USB-Debugging with Nexus 5 for Android Studio

One thing needed when building Android Apps is the ability to debug on a local device. While plugging in the device via USB gives you file access on the device, it does not enable your app to be deployed on it. Let’s see how to deploy and test your Android app on a local device, in this case the Nexus 5.

4. Be a Lazy But Productive Android Developer, Part 5: Image Loading Library

If you are a lazy Android developer and looking for image loading library, which could help you to load image(s) asynchronously without writing a logic for downloading and caching images then this article is for you.

5. The State of Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid

For native, hybrid, and web applications, this article will serve as a comparison between the three mobile app types. In addition to the comparison information, you’ll also get a snapshot of the industry use cases and current trends around native, web, and hybrid apps.

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