Must Read Books in Responsive Web Design

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Must Read Books in Responsive Web Design

If you're a developer looking to get in touch with your inner artist, then read on and check out these great books on web design.

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If you are interested in responsive web design, it is important to read helpful sources that will enable you to better your skills. Responsive web design is known as the art and science used in the building of websites. This art has become quite popular, especially now that most businesses and organizations are going digital in their operations. With this popularity, comes a need for knowledge and tips. We will look at the top reads in responsive web design and how they can help you as a designer or developer. Keep in mind that some of these books are geared towards pros while others are aimed at beginners. You can choose any depending on which level you are at.

Responsive Web Design With HTML5 and CSS3

This is a book by Ben Frain and is full of information about the design of two websites; one meant for large displays and one for mobile devices. This book details a step-by-step process that is used in the development of a responsive web design using real examples accompanied by live screenshots. Anyone interested in building a responsive web design will find this book helpful since it will take your designing to a whole new level.

Implementing Responsive Design: Building Sites for an Anywhere, Everywhere Web (Voices That Matter)

This is another resourceful book by Tim Kadlec and it approaches the process by providing practical examples of methods used in the designing and building of websites. As a reader, you will gain essential information revolving around important elements such as using a combination of fluid media, fluid layouts, and media queries to create a responsive design. The book also goes a step further to cover all the issues that are expected to appear during the process of designing a responsive website. This ensures that you have the knowledge to build a great site and the know-how required to deal with unforeseeable problems.

Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites)

Ethan Marcotte, the author of this book, goes into design principles and CSS techniques including flexible images, fluid grids, and media queries, highlighting all the benefits you stand to gain as a designer and developer. He also explores all the important steps you need to follow to make sure that the design you work on is providing a great experience to the users, regardless of the size of screen they are using. The book will show you the need of thinking beyond desktops and how to design sites that will provide the experience users will find pleasing.

Responsive Web Site Design, Quick Guide: How to Get Your Site Ready for Every Device and Browser (Quick Guides for Web Designers in 1 Hour! Book 3)

This is a comprehensive responsive web design introduction by Jamal Jackson. According to the information in this book, you can clearly tell that it is written for the web design beginners who are interested in learning the basics of responsive web design. You will learn why responsive web design has become a hot topic and how the process has reduced the time used in developing websites for all devices. The book covers information on the benefits of this new age designing process and how important it is for the future of your website.

Learning Responsive Web Design: A Beginner's Guide

As the title suggests, this book by Clarissa Peterson is written with the web design beginner in mind. This is among the best responsive web design resources because the author explains how responsive web design works and takes you through the workflow right from where the project starts to where the website is launched. If you are in web design, this is one of the books you need to seriously consider reading. It will not only take you through the fundamentals and strategies of HTML and CSS use, but it will also provide information about enhancements that will progressively improve the experience of the users.

Mobile and Responsive Web Design Step by Step, Training

The title says it all. This is a well-written book that highlights the steps followed in building a responsive website. The book has a large part that talks about creating digital content, making apps, and building websites for different media vehicles. There are different classes revolving around the topics mentioned above and they are offered by Noble Desktop Company. With this book, you will learn important steps you might not know and great information for aspiring designers and developers.  

The Responsive Web Paperback

Matthew Carver, in this book, skips all the theoretical explanations and goes right to the practical knowledge part. He takes the reader through responsive web design through a practical approach. Reading the book will open doors to strategies you can use in solving different problems such as browser incompatibility. You will also learn a few ways through which you can integrate different techniques in your design to get innovative results.

Implementing Responsive Design

In all matters involving responsive web design, there is no better book to read than one that shows you the implementation process. This book covers a practical process for the adoption of responsive web design into the projects you are handling. You will learn all the steps from the planning to the optimization of the site.


There are many great resources you can read online and offline in relation to responsive web design. These are just the top must-reads in Responsive Web Design that you might want to consider. The resources are geared towards ensuring that you are well-versed in current trends and updates in the industry. You will also learn a few tricks and tips that will come in handy when you are working on your project. There are other online articles and blogs that are helpful and you should not hesitate to consider going through them. Whatever you do, just make sure you are building your responsive web design skills and knowledge because this is the future of websites.

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