Top 5 PhoneGap Plugins Developers Can Leverage To Enhance App Functionality

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Top 5 PhoneGap Plugins Developers Can Leverage To Enhance App Functionality

These popular PhoneGap framework plugins will help you enhance the functionality of your application and services.

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The strong surge of Android, iOS and Windows-based mobile apps has made cross-platform app development popular among developers. With a variety of tools available in the market, PhoneGap is a preferred one.

PhoneGap is a versatile HTML5 mobile app framework having a large user community and support for smooth mobile application development. The major advantage of PhoneGap development is that developers can use native code with HTML5 and JavaScript code. This allows PhoneGap developers to freely code on any given mobile operating systems depending on the methods used for accessing the functionality provided by the native codes.

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However, there are ample of useful PhoneGap plugins that make a developer’s task even easier. These plugins help you enhance the functionality of your application and services. Here’s a list of popular plugins built on PhoneGap framework for you to leverage PhoneGap development.

Top Five PhoneGap Plugins

Status Bar Plugin:

The status bar plugin lets you control the way the status bar functions - the little bar at the top of the iOS gadgets that shows the time, battery level, etc. You can do things like uproot it totally, control when it is visible and change the styling. This plugin is only for iOS devices so ensure that you remove it for your Android (or other) builds, else it might create problems for you.

Push Plugin:

Push plugin allows your app to set up push notifications within the Android, iOS and Windows devices. You can also send push notifications to the mobile user utilizing the messaging services like Apple APNS, Google Cloud Messaging, Microsoft WNS, etc.

In-app Purchases Plugin:

The in-app purchases plugin can be utilized for integrating the functionality of purchasing app features or unlocking various goodies from within the app such as levels, achievements or items in a game or entertainment based app. It allows you to make freemium apps for the community and include an in-app purchase option for them to see if they like something.

PayPal Plugin:

PayPal is a reliable and widely used mobile payment service for buying and selling goods or services online. By including this plugin into your app framework you can assist user for making cross-country payments through the app architecture for any sort of web service they used.

TestFlight Plugin:

TestFlight plugin is the best solution for inviting and managing beta testers for your application. These testers will enable the testers to help you locate the bugs while you’re occupied with your mobile app development. The TestFlight PhoneGap plugin utilizes the native TestFlight SDKs that lets you add rights/permissions to allow/disallow particular app feature for the beta-testers to experiment with.

These PhoneGap plugins are imported by developers within their installations to develop feature-rich and user-friendly mobile applications. Also, some Apache Cordova contributors have built a plugin manager called “plugman” to simplify the installation of such plugins. So, utilize PhoneGap plugins to develop robust mobile apps and take your app functionality to a whole new level.

Are you using other PhoneGap plugins apart from the ones mentioned above? Let us know about it.


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