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Top 5 Software Testing Challenges

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Top 5 Software Testing Challenges

Given the growing number of mobile devices and apps in the market, attaining your app quality goal can become quite challenging.

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99% is the highest level of accuracy that can be attained in a software product. Given the growing number of mobile devices and apps in the market, attaining your app quality goal can become quite challenging. These are some of the top five challenges faced in software testing:

1. Complete Testing Is Impossible

For any application, there are many different test combinations and resulting scenarios. Trying to test all of them is an unrealistic goal. Having a clear focus on your target users and business goals will help you in prioritizing the app features that need your attention.

2. Setting the Right Process

The company process for testing should be aligned in such way that the process is efficient in capturing the bugs in time. The process should be clearly defined to avoid misunderstandings. Setting up a uniform process to get everyone on the same page becomes harder for teams that are located in different offices in different time zones.

3. Lack of Proper Communication

Right from the start of the project, it is important to make the business requirement and testing goals clear. Any change in app features or requirement must be updated to the QA team in time. This further helps in fixing defects that are detected. A good communication channel between various teams like development & QA will help sync the testing efforts with the quality goals set by the business.

4. Lack of Resources

Skilled testers with good knowledge of the business domain can help you create more effective test scenarios and scripts. Apart from getting domain specific testing experts on board, you also need to equip them with the right testing tools. The right tools can make it easier for QA teams to execute the project and also delivering results faster.

5. Test Coverage

In today’s competitive world, enterprises need an effective testing strategy to ensure that their app works well, everywhere all the time. Covering different geographies and configurations for testing applications is challenging for teams that rely solely on a traditional QA approach. Lab-based testing with limited resources can never recreate a real world environment. Getting an accurate insight in these cases thus becomes more difficult. Though a 100% coverage might not be possible, you can maximize your QA efforts by relying on crowd-sourced testing platforms.

Other challenges faced in software testing include test automation, regression testing, and app complexity.

While a 100% bug-free software product may be impossible, planning ahead for these critical software testing challenges can help you succeed in your QA efforts to make your application better than yesterday.

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