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The Top 5 Web Dev Zone Articles of 2014

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Microservices! They are everywhere, or at least, the term is. When should you use a microservice architecture? What factors should be considered when making that decision? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Why is everyone so excited about them, anyway?  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.


Happy New Year, DZone members. We're looking forward to a great year of big (good changes), more growth, and even better content.

To kick off the new year, let's take a look at the top performing articles in the Web Dev Zone that were published in 2014. Using our handy Google Analytics, I created this list based on page views (ordered 1-5, most views to lesser views). Of course, there are other ways to gauge what makes a successful post on DZone. For the purposes of this article, though, here's the most-clicked on articles for the past year in the Web Dev Zone.

1. jQuery Copy to Clipboard

After much searching I found a jQuery plugin that is hosted on Github called ZeroClipboard. This is a library that provides you with a way of coping text to your clipboard using Adobe flash and a Javascript interface.

2. AngularJS Interview Questions: Set 1

The article lists some of the interview questions that could be asked in relation with AngularJS. For example, what is the notion of directives in AngularJS, explain how MVC is achieved with AngularJS, what is two-way data binding, and more.

3. The Unstable Future of Angular.js

Google's overwhelmingly successful dynamic HTML enhancement, Angular.js, has a flaw that could limit the platform's longevity.

4. $parsers and $formatters in Custom Validation Directives in Angular JS

While writing applications using Angular JS, sometimes we need to define our own validators. Custom validations in Angular JS are created as directives with a dependency on the ng-model directive. At times, key part of the validation depends on controller of the ng-model directive.

5. How Java 8 handles JavaScript - A look inside The New Nashorn Compiler

Java 8 not only introduces improvements to the javac compiler, it also introduces a new one-
-Nashorn. This new engine is meant to replace Java’s existing JavaScript interpreter Rhino and to bring the JVM to the forefront when executing JavaScript at speed. So, I thought it would be a good time to look under the hood, and see how it compiles Lambda expressions (especially compared to Java and Scala).

Discover how the Watson team is further developing SDKs in Java, Node.js, Python, iOS, and Android to access these services and make programming easy. Brought to you in partnership with IBM.


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