Top 50 San Jose Hadoop Summit 2016 Videos

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Top 50 San Jose Hadoop Summit 2016 Videos

Here are the top videos from the 2016 San Jose Hadoop Summit.

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The recent Hadoop Summit had an amazing number of great talks, and fortunately for everyone, those are now available on YouTube! Dozens of hours of amazing content for learning every Big Data topic you can imagine from HDFS to Hive to HBase to Calcite to Spark to NiFi and beyond.   Learn what's happening in production now and what's coming in the near future to the world of Big Data.

The first ten videos are must watch and the rest are highly recommended.  It is very hard to rate these as they are all great.  Pick your topic from Machine Learning to Deep Learning to Streaming to Ingest to Security to Performance to Optimization to Programming and more.

  1. Apache Spark with Machine Learning like TensorFlow

  2. Big Data Heterogeneous Mixture Learning on Spark

  3. Zero Downtime App Deployment Using Hadoop (Hortonworks)

  4. Integrating Apache Spark and NiFi for Data Lakes (ThinkBig)

  5. Debugging YARN Cluster in Production (Hortonworks)

  6. Internet Of Things What about Data Storage (Hortonworks)

  7. Distributed Deep Learning on Hadoop Clusters (Yahoo)

  8. How We Re-Engineered Phoenix with a Cost Based Optimizer Based on Calcite (Intel and Hortonworks)

  9. Yahoo's Experience Running Pig on Tez at Scale

  10. The Future of Storm (Hortonworks)

  11. Hive Hbase Metastore Improving Hive with a Big Data Metadata Storage (Hortonworks)

  12. Streaming ETL for All : Embeddable Data Transformation for Real-Time Streams
  13. Phoenix plus HBase An Enterprise-Grade Data Warehouse Appliance for Interactive Analytics (Hortonworks) 
  14. Real-time, Streaming Advanced Analytics, Approximations, and Recommendations using Apache Spark ML/GraphX, Kafka Stanford CoreNLP, and Twitter Algebird (Chris Fregly, IBM)
  15. The DAP Where Yarn HBase Kafka and Spark go to Production (Cask)
  16. Presto Whats New in SQL on Hadoop and Beyond (Facebook, Teradata)
  17. Fighting Fraud in Real Time by Processing 1Mplus TPS Using Storm on Slider YARN (Rocketfuel)
  18. Extend Governance in Hadoop with Atlas Ecosystem (Hortonworks)
  19. Apache Beam A Unified Model for Batch and Streaming Data Processing (Google)
  20. Turning the Stream Processor into a Database Building Online Applications on Streams (Flink / DataArtisans)
  21. Prescient Keeps Travelers Safe with Natural Language Processing and Geospatial Analytics
  22. Cross DC Fault Tolerant ViewFileSystem at Twitter
  23. Make Streaming Analytics Work For You The Devil is in the Details (Hortonworks)
  24. The Next Generation of Data Processing OSS (Google)
  25. Operating and Supporting Apache HBase Best Practices and Improvements (Hortonworks)
  26. Lambda less Stream Processing at Scale in LinkedIn
  27. Managing Hadoop HBase and Storm Clusters at Yahoo Scale
  28. Next Gen Big Data Analytics with Apache Apex
  29. Big Data Squared: How YARN Timeline Service v2 Unlocks 360 Degree Platform Insights at Scale (Twitter / Hortonworks)
  30. Managing a Large Multi-tenant Data Lake (Comcast)
  31. Wipro BDRE - an interesting big data integration framework
  32. Increasing Hadoop Resiliency Performance with EMC Isilon
  33. It's Time Launching Your Advanced Analytics Program for Success in a Mature Industry Like Oil and Gas (Conoco Phillips)
  34. Cost and Resource Tracking for Hadoop (Yahoo)
  35. Instilling Confidence and Trust Big Data Security Governance (Mastercard)
  36. Hadoop in the Cloud The What Why and How from the Experts (Microsoft)
  37. War on Stealth Cyberattacks that Target Unknown Vulnerabilities
  38. Lego-Like Building Blocks of Storm and Spark Streaming Pipelines for Rapid IOT and Streaming (StreamAnalytix)
  39. Hadoop and Cloud Storage Object Store Integration in Production (Hortonworks)
  40. There is a New Ranger in Town End to End Security and Auditing in a Big Data as a Service Deployment
  41. Toward Better Multi-Tenancy Support from HDFS (Hortonworks) 
  42. Building A Scalable Data Science Platform with R (Microsoft)
  43. A Data Lake and a Data Lab to Optimize Operations and Safety Within a Nuclear Fleet
  44. The Evolution of Big Data Pipelines at Intuit
  45. IoT Big Data Cloud the Convergence of Marketing Terms
  46. Modernizing Your Companys Data Ecosystem (SAS)
  47. Meeting Performance Goals in Multi-tenant Hadoop Clusters (Unravel)
  48. Yahoo's Next Generation User Profile Platform
  49. The Ecosystem is Too Damn Big (Datameer)
  50. What the FFFF is a Business Catalog and Why You Need It

There's plenty more, as I sift through the massive archive of videos, I will post another list of the best of the REST. 

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