Top 6 Platforms Helping Enterprises Level Up on Big Data

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Top 6 Platforms Helping Enterprises Level Up on Big Data

In this post, we check out six platforms that enterprises can use to ensure they’re capturing the real value of big data.

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Vast amounts of data are being produced by businesses every day. If this data is handled and processed effectively, enterprises can derive insights that aid in faster and more effective decision making. 

However, research by Forrester indicates that businesses are only using a mere 12 percent of the data they produce. This is partly due to overwhelm — many companies don’t know which data is the “right” data and often lack an adequate system for extracting meaningful analytics. 

Big data analytics platforms use algorithmic protocols to examine enormous volumes of data and distill it down to relevant, insightful information. They provide direct answers to the questions that help drive strategic and tactical decision-making. 

Here are six platforms that enterprises can use to ensure they’re capturing the real value of big data. 

6 Big Data and Machine Learning Platforms

1. Amazon Machine Learning

The AWS machine learning module means anyone can build, train, and deploy machine learning customized to their own needs. The powerful AI module lets you create a huge variety of intelligent applications for your business.

You can give voice to your applications with Amazon Polly, improve customer service with Amazon Lex, extract insights from unstructured text using Amazon Comprehend, build accurate forecasting models with Amazon forecast. All data is hosted in the AWS Cloud, enabling high-speed processing at scale. 

2. Endor

Endor has been dubbed as the “Google for predictive analytics” due to its vision of making predictive analytics as accessible and straightforward as an internet search. 

The platform has been developed by MIT data scientists, who pioneered the concept of “social physics.” This is a discipline combining big data with laws of biology to understand the behavior of humans in crowds. This gives Endor the ability to make powerful human-behavior related predictions that could help businesses gain insights to their customer groups.

The Endor technology stack also makes use of blockchain technology to ensure predictions are free of manipulation or bias while ensuring the security of individual datasets.

3. IBM Watson Studio

Starting from experimentation to deployment, IBM Watson Studio speeds up data exploration. It offers model development and training to power up data science operations. You can simply tap into your data assets, and the platform will provide predictions for business processes. 

With automatic data preparation, you can deploy the best models with a single click. Leveraging the power of enhanced visual modeling, you can explore every chunk of data in detail within an intuitive, easy-to-read view. The no-code interface automates deep learning to build intelligent applications.

Users have the option of self-hosting or hosting via IBM’s public or private cloud. 

4. Domo

Domo combines the power of seven different enterprise-scale systems to process data and drive smart decision making. You can integrate data from all sources relevant to your business and store them for further processing. The data can be processed at any time, and the platform provides insights in a visual format. Domo can predict answers to the business questions that will help accelerate decision making. 

Domo offers the power to identify insights in real-time. You can customize data, charts, and build intuitive visualizations to share real-time stories about your business. 

5. Cloudera

Cloudera is a platform for data-driven, cloud-first enterprises. It empowers businesses to transform complex data into actionable insights for better decision making. From powering autonomous vehicles to fraud detection, Cloudera has powered some of the world’s most powerful intelligence applications. 

Cloudera offers a unified platform that eliminates silos and provides critical early insights. There is support for public-cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployment. Cloudera SDX offers complete security and governance, enabling businesses to focus on the data and use the insights to optimize business processes.

6. Anodot

Anodot is an autonomous analytics platform that continually scans business data to identify anomalies that may indicate risks or issues at play. The platform is able to detect and diagnose problems at scale, and issue timely alerts.

With the help of Anodot’s correlation engine, you can identify the exact root cause that’s impacting productivity. The platform also provides an autonomous business forecast feature, which helps to ensure your business can avoid future revenue loss and cut down on unnecessary spending. 

Final Thoughts

Big data analytics allows businesses to identify hidden opportunities, save costs, and improve overall productivity. Therefore, using big data is no longer an option or solely the preserve of tech firms. All businesses should be considering how they can use data analytics platforms as an imperative to maintaining a competitive edge. 

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