Top 7 Tools to Cultivate Agile Methodology in Your Organization

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Top 7 Tools to Cultivate Agile Methodology in Your Organization

We take a look at seven task management tools your team should add to its Agile inventory.

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Delivering projects within the deadline and budget is essential for every company to maintain its reputation, credibility, and prestige. Overrun projects often hurt organizations big time from top to bottom and delayed projects put a substantial impact on a team’s productivity, morale and focus. Moreover, the wrong implementation of Agile methodology may make employees quit from the company because of stress.

In this fizzled out situation, the very first step that an employer can take is to adopt the right direction for Agile methodology, and this is where project management tools come into play. These tools identify the actual current status of the project, projected tenure of a project and all its feasibilities. Delving down into the project management world, one can see the importance of adopting flexible work practices along with implementing latest and futuristic techniques to gather more results at a quick pace.

Let's delve down into the top ten project management tools that help in implementing Agile project management methodology.


Trello is one of the most widely-used project management tools that is popular for its simple UI and feasible usability. It can be understood and used even by a layman who isn't very well aware of project management.

You’ll get dragged columns with cards. The three primary columns include To Do, Doing, and Done. You’ll have to drag the card to the right box, and new columns could be created in a jiffy as per the need.

Cards can be assigned to the relevant resources including its estimation, completion and delivery dates, etc. Additionally, Trello is used by Twitter that is evidence of its tremendous reputation and credibility.

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

VSTS is an ideal tool to use if you are a big fan of using Microsoft Stack. This tool gets integrated with Visual Studio with ease, and it helps you managing a technical project to the maximum. The tool is freemium until you have five users on it, and the best thing about VSTS is its mechanism of tracing changes in code that undoubtedly puts developers into heaven.


Jira is one of the most authentic tools to imply Agile methodology in project management and is known as a perfect tool to track record of jobs done in business via following Agile management. The tool is ideal for all business organizations such as small-scale businesses, organizations, and enterprises.

Like Trello, it has columns and tickets on for you with different phases of work. Tickets can be made and assigned to a resource. After the completion of a sprint, you can track down the performance of every individual via pie charts and graphical representation. Jira is popular among the masses in the corporate world in the EU and USA region.


An Agile project management software that identifies bugs in the project and helps in following spot-on Scrum framework in planning projects. It includes various tools that help developers work at ease and build features on budget, schedule and are bug-free.

Axosoft is loved massively by Agile followers and helps in developing an Agile methodology in the business by creating an Agile workflow. The progress of every individual resource is transparent and centralized in Axosoft that helps in keeping every resource at the same page that eventually results in practicing Agile methodology in the team to the fullest.


Undoubtedly, one of the best pieces of task management software, Asana empowers the team to plan, share and track the advancement of the project along with mapping the performance of every resource in the team. The tool is free for up to 30 users under a team, and the interface is easily gettable.

Using Asana is simple: the very first step is to create a workplace, and the second is to add projects under the workplace. Then, you can create, assign and track tasks and furthermore, one can add notes, attachments, comments, and tags to make things loud and clear for everyone.

Zoho Sprints

This tool of project management empowers you to create backlogs and sprints via a drag-and-drop planning center. Furthermore, one can easily expand every user’s story to epics along with defined priorities, an addition of estimation points and task assigning to the team.

Zoho Sprints makes the release management process swift by enabling you to set durations and reminders of each sprint. Additionally, a time sheet with non-billable and billable hours is available for every work item that helps in cutting-off the budget for the project.


Wrike has all the right reasons to get your Agile development theory straight. It includes dashboards, configurable workflows and Gantt charts that empower your project to flow swiftly. This tool has various integrations attached to it that puts all the scattered information on the email, documents or images at your fingertips that not only saves time but this feature also helps in streamlining the processes and workflow.

Moreover, Wrike can access files in the cloud, forwards emails, process data, gets integrated with apps such as JIRA, Zapier A, and Salesforce.

If you are thinking to adopt Agile project management methodology, the tools mentioned above can prove to be the pillar of practicing swift project management practices. Additionally, Versionone, Active collab, and Spirateam are some other popular tools that are used to practice Agile management practices on the surface and core level.

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