Top 8 Mobile Testing Tools - 2020 Update

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Top 8 Mobile Testing Tools - 2020 Update

Top 8 Testing Tools for mobile testing. This list is a latest one that updated and full of information of each tools. Read more to select the right one.

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Top 8 Mobile Testing Tools

The world will be using around 3.8 billion mobile devices by 2021, according to Statista's report. We are going handier with our devices, especially smartphones. It explains why mobile application development has gradually become a new billion-dollar industry. Following that boom, the mobile testing market's growth is expected to continue blooming and hit its value at $13.3B by 2026. 

Mobile testing is complicated by its nature. Requirements for regression testing, resource constraints (battery, memory, etc.), diversity of devices (operating systems, models, screen dimensions, etc.), network connections, frequent updates, etc. are major concerns for mobile testers. They consequently lead to the dominance of automation tools in mobile testing over manual efforts. 

Regarding those concerning factors, choosing the right automation testing tools and solutions is a must to achieve any goals of mobile application quality assurance. There are some vital criteria to take into account to evaluate and select the right tools:

Support for Mobile Locator Strategies

Dynamic elements or objects in mobile applications are the most challenging for the automation tool to locate them accurately. Testers could set the locator strategies intentionally with two or more alternatives. CssSelector, Id, and XPath are the most common object selection methods, apart from other strategies such as Name, ClassName, LinkText, TagName, etc. Mobile testing tools with a broader range of locator selections will help identify elements more accurately.

Diversity of Operating Systems

As mentioned earlier, diverse operating systems are challenging for mobile testing. The ability to create tests across multiple operating systems plays an important role here. The reusability of test scripts, meaning you do not need separate scripts for each platform, should be noticed.

Required Level of Programming Skills

Since non-technical testers have joined in the automation transformation. There is a demand for low-code and no-code mobile testing solutions that are easy to adopt. Taking your team's expertise level into consideration will shorten the learning curve when choosing a testing tool. 

Integration Capabilities

Agile and DevOps are the two buzzwords that have been talked in recent years. They state the high demand for seamless integration in software testing and mobile testing.

We listed the top 8 mobile testing automation tools with the latest updates in the 2020 market. With both open-source and commercial solutions picked, you can choose the most appropriate tool for your team's testing demands.



Appium is an open-source platform made for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platform. The tool has been placed at the leading position in the automation mobile testing industry for years.

Highlight Features:

  • Appium supports multiple scripting languages and many operating systems.

  • It uses the same API for cross-platform testing, which could maximize the script reusability.

  • Appium can integrate with other tools and CI/CD processes.

Appium is the ideal solution for mobile testing teams with a fairly high level of programming skills. Its robust nature and advanced features allow testers to create and execute in-depth test cases. 

Website: http://appium.io/

Price: Free

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio markets itself as an all-in-one automation testing solution. Mobile testing features in Katalon Studio inherit robust frameworks of Appium and Selenium, which are made simpler to suit the testing needs of QA teams at any level. Katalon Studio supports all kinds of automation under test, from Mobile testing, Desktop application testing, Web testing, and API testing. 

Highlight Features:

  • Katalon Studio supports most of the testing capabilities from Appium with simpler setup requirements and less intension for script creation. The tool provides built-in frameworks and keyword libraries that are available to use without extra setups.

  • Powerful integration capabilities with external tools and mobile platforms (Lambda Test, Sauces Lab, etc.)

  • More utilities to speed up the automation process: The Mobile Object Spy mode that occupies object repository; and Mobile Recorder that make test scripts from record actions

  • It has a comprehensive and usually updated resources hub with documents, tutorials, and guidelines.

For those who are new to automation testing, especially mobile testing, Katalon Studio is the right solution to get started with. Katalon Studio is available for both free and paid versions, giving you the chance to try out the tool before charging fees. 

Website: https://www.katalon.com/

Price: Free - $759 per year



Formerly known as TestPlant, EggPlant is an AI-backed commercial automation platform for web, desktop, and mobile applications. Its mobile testing solution is widely favored as it supports diverse testing platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and the bygone Windows Phone and Symbian.

Highlight Features:

  • EggPlant utilizes AI technology to ensure test continuity when running remote works on Cloud.

  • User Interface is a strong focus of the EggPlant platform. It results in a user-friendly testing outcome, which is vital for mobile applications.

Website: https://www.eggplantsoftware.com/

Price: Paid license - Contact the Sales team

Ranorex Studio


Ranorex Studio is a commercial automation solution for multiple purposes, such as mobile, web, desktop, and API testing. This mobile testing tool was made for beginners with its no-code interface and helpful wizards. 

Highlight Features:

  • Ranorex Studio has a powerful object recognition capability that eliminates device fragmentation.

  • The tool can increase test efficiency with native and cross-browser testing and reuses your tests across testing platforms and systems.

  • The Instrumentation Wizard helps identify the UI elements of a particular technology and reduce jailbreaking.

Ranorex Studio is suitable for mobile testers with little or no knowledge of programming. 

Website: https://www.ranorex.com/

Price: Perpetual licenses from €2,290



TestComplete is a paid automation tool powered by AI. The tool provides test solutions for multiple kinds of the application under test, including mobile testing. For mobile testing, TestComplete users can run tests on both native and hybrid applications. The test scripts could be created by popular programming languages such as C#, C++, and JavaScript.

Highlight Features:

  • Low-code and codeless modes are available for non-technical testers to apply the tool easily.

  • TestComplete allows manual script creation with Code Editor.

  • The tool could convert both recorded GUI tests and keyword-driven test scripts into the supported scripting languages.

TestComplete would be the right tool for a mobile QA team with limited technical knowledge. The tool also fits advanced testing needs with the ability to generate scripts manually.

Website: https://smartbear.com/product/testcomplete/overview/

Price: From $5,800 per year



Kobiton is the only name in this list solely dedicated to mobile testing. Made as a mobile experience platform, Kobiton provides a wide selection of mobile devices, giving the real testing environment on the latest devices available. The tool is built on top of Appium and leverages the open-source framework's latest test automation for seamless test script creation.

Highlight Features:

  • Kobiton has robust integration capabilities, allowing it to work well with all popular frameworks like Appium, XCUI, Expresses, etc.

  • The tool does not require high skills in programming. Its Intelligent Test Automation feature allows for scriptless test automation on any device.

  • A wide pool of device selections

Kobiton is the solution for mobile testing with frequent updates and releases on various mobile devices. 

Website: https://kobiton.com/

Price: Free trial - $2,000 per year



In 2020, Perfecto was recognized by Forrester Wave as a strong performer in the Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites. This is a cloud-native testing platform supporting web and mobile testing. In terms of mobile testing, Perfecto is widely known for its collaborative capabilities as it offers a screen-sharing mode while testing.

Highlight Features:

  • Perfecto provides real user simulator and large-scale remote testing options.

  • Users can gain deep insights with its extensive test failure analysis. Detailed artifacts to be detected include images, videos, crash logs, vitals, etc.

  • The tool has diverse frameworks and testing platforms integrations.

Website: https://www.perfecto.io

Price: Yearly license from $3,600 



MonkeyTalk is an open-source automation mobile testing platform. While Appium is the ideal platform for experienced programmers, MonkeyTalk is a simple-to-use testing tool for beginners. Basically, the platform has three key components: MonkeyTalk IDE for recording/playing back test scripts; Monkey Talk Agent for enabling the testing; and MonkeyTalk scripts that describe all testing actions.

Highlight Features:

  • Monkey Talk is one of the few open-source platforms that testers with little programming skills can adapt quickly. It is easy to learn and use.

  • The platform supports automating real, functional tests for iOS, Android, Web/HTML5, Flex, and Hybrid mobile applications.

  • The tool uses object-based recording, which is more flexible and less fragile compared to other automation tools using image-based scripting.

With its simple yet powerful functionalities, MonkeyTalk is suitable for smoke tests and data-driven tests. Significantly for QA teams with little expertise, the tool can help utilize the best of automation mobile testing while saving costs and efforts. 

More mobile testing tools can be found on this top list.

Website: https://github.com/alexnauda/monkeytalk

Price: Free


This list of automation mobile testing tools is not exhaustive and will be changing over time. However, these tools appear to best balance all standard requirements from functionalities, needed expertise to testing costs.

Technologies and demands in mobile application development are ever-changing, so you should select the testing solution with an innovative strategy. Not only should it meet your current requirements, but it also needs the potential scalability and development for further advancements. Keeping an eye on the latest test automation trends is highly recommended for you to get the right automation testing solution. 

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