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Top 8 UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018

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Top 8 UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018

See what UI design and other trends, both new and improved, will be dominating the mobile app scene in the upcoming year.

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Technology refuses to stand still, and when it comes to design trends, you will never find a dull moment. UI trends for mobile apps keep evolving to keep pace with the demands of the industry’s millions of users.

Some trends disappear in a puff of smoke, whereas some get even stronger with time, while there are some new trends making their way.

To keep you on-trend, we are covering the top 8 UI design trends for mobile apps:

Overlapping Effects Are Here

The first trend on my list is overlapping of different elements such as graphics, fonts, and colors, to make the UI of mobile apps more eye-catching and vibrant. In the coming years, especially 2018, you will see a great number of designers embracing this trend.

Besides overlapping of similar elements, a dash of shadows will also be seen. This will certainly make mobile app interface designs more impressive.

Get Ready for Improved Swiping Patterns

The swipe feature was always there on mobile app interfaces, but in 2018, you will see a drastic improvement in this feature. In earlier app designs, buttons used to be too small to tap; now, bigger buttons that are large enough to swipe will take center stage.

The main source of inspiration for this trend is the attractive card-based layouts on Pinterest boards and Twitter. A combination of card layouts and universal swipe can be expected.

The Video Content Format Will Dominate

As per Hubspot, over 78% of people watch online videos per week, and 55% of people watch online videos almost every single day. Video has long proven its value in delivering complex information in an interesting and exciting way, so it is no surprise that 2018 will witness the video content format dominate the UI of mobile app design.

Video-based UI will be widely used to capture the attention of the audience and to drive buzz. Embrace this trend to give your app more downloads.

Custom Illustration Interfaces Are Here to Stay

In 2017, custom illustration was a mainstay in the UI of mobile app design, and this trend is not going anywhere soon; rather, it will get stronger in 2018. Illustrations are getting popular, as they can turn an average app into something exciting and unique.

In mobile application interfaces, a variety of illustration styles is being used, from simple style to paper-cut style, dainty hand-drawing style, and not to miss the famous painting style illustrations. These illustrations not only make the app more interesting, but also communicate your brand message in an appealing way.

Animations Will Rule the Roost

The trend of adding animations in the UI of app design rose to fame in the year 2017 and continues to be popular in 2018 as well. Adding animation effects to fonts, icons, images, and buttons of a mobile application interface makes it more interactive and gives users an improved experience.

However, to optimize the use of animations in the UI interface, you need to understand their positioning and functionality within your app. There are many types of animations that are being adopted by designers, such as function change, orientation in space, and fun animations. Let’s take a quick look at these different animations:

  • Function change- This type of animation is used to illustrate how an element changes when a user interacts with it. It is often used with icons or buttons and sometimes with small design elements and even with company logo.
  • Orientation in space- This type of animation is primarily used to simplify navigation.
  • Fun animations- As the name suggests, such animations are easy, fun, and add to the overall appeal of the app. However, if used senselessly, they can interfere with the user experience. On the other side, unique animations like moving circles in the background can bring out the element of enjoyment and gamification, giving your users an entertaining and memorable experience.

This is definitely a good trend. We look forward to animations effects being applied in more exciting ways in 2018.

Voice-Activated Interfaces Will Be Rocking the UI Mobile App Scene

We all are well acquainted with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Similarly, 2018 will see more voice-activated interfaces in mobile apps, as well. It will allow users to start an app based on voice commands, eliminating the need for clicking any button or typing any password.

This trend is still at a virgin stage, but surely is the way for the future, as more and more users prefer using VA (virtual assistants) and voice-activated apps on their mobile phones. Designing an app that is embedded with a voice-controlled interface can be challenging for developers, but you can always take inspiration from existing voice-recognition apps that are enjoying popularity. So, you can expect voice-based mobile apps to define mobile app interface designs.

Emoticons Will Be All Over

Another UI design trend is the integration of emotional intelligence in mobile experience at a much larger level. Earlier, it was only about the use of animation effects when the user completed a specific action. In 2018, you will see more emoticons entering the list, wherein users will see an integration with face recognition elements. With this amalgamation, users will be able to experience plenty of reactions.

One such animated emoji that is already doing it perfectly is Animoji - it responds to the iPhone’s latest version X camera’s facial expressions. You will be seeing the use of more such emoji in the UI of mobile apps to give users a delightful experience.


Playing around with the opacity level of different elements to give the design of your mobile app a refreshing look is another trend on our list. By adjusting the transparency level of same components, diverse effects can be seen, making the overall app design pretty exciting and eye pleasing.

Thus, adding opacity in various graphic components and colors will be more in demand in 2018.


These were the top UI design trends for mobile apps for the year 2018, so don’t forget to take inspiration from these design trends when designing new apps and deliver a more enriching and innovative experience to the users.

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