Top Analyst: 8 Reasons Why Database Continuous Delivery is Critical for Enterprises to Succeed

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Top Analyst: 8 Reasons Why Database Continuous Delivery is Critical for Enterprises to Succeed

Yaniv Yehuda talks about his experience with a Forrester analyst, providing 8 reasons why continuous delivery at the database level is critical for the enterprise.

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It was a thrill to host Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst at Forrester, as a guest on last week’s DBmaestro webinar. The discussion was on DevOps and continuous delivery, and Noel, who has 25 years’ experience at the very highest levels of IT, came out very strongly in support of continuous delivery for the database.

Yuhanna described organizations he knows of who waste substantial developer time waiting for the database. While the developers were ready to work, the databases were not yet available for testing.

He also stressed the importance of database security: "You may say 'this is not production' but you really need to make sure that these databases are secure from a protection and compliance perspective. (You have to know what to answer when) auditors come in and ask where the data comes from," said Yuhanna.

Yuhanna listed eight reasons why enterprises need CD for the database.

  1. It brings in automation at all levels to support App development lifecycle.
  2. There needs to be consistent data to support modern application building.
  3. It minimizes human errors and delivers more trusted test environments.
  4. It improves developer and administrators productivity.
  5. Focusing on security and compliance from an end-to-end perspective. Security is so important because, without it, you don’t have control in this environment.
  6. It enforces change management policies more rigorously.
  7. It lowers the cost of administration and operations.
  8. It focuses on changes rather than manages changes.

Yuhanna stressed that "having this (Database) Continuous Delivery is the most important element in application building today and many people neglect this part. Data should be given almost equal priority to the application building. A lot of people delay releases because of databases not being available from a test environment and the applications they are building are not really consistent. Database Continuous Delivery is a simple solution to these issues."

Click here for the fascinating webinar in its entirety.

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