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Top Certification Courses on Machine Learning

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Top Certification Courses on Machine Learning

There are several certification courses on machine learning. I’ve put together a list of courses, mostly free or at least affordable, that will help you become an expert.

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What is machine learning (ML)? According to Stanford, it's “the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.” 

Machine learning is the algorithm part, but what you run the algorithm on is up to you. You may use Octave, Matlab, SAS, R, Python, etc. but the end inference that you want to make remains the same.

There are several certification courses on machine learning. I’ve put together a list of top courses, mostly free or at least affordable, that will help you become an ML expert. The courses listed in this article are meant to help you get started in the exciting and fast-growing field of machine learning. Others take you through slightly more advanced aspects. Of course, it is hard work, but if you are willing to pursue something, you’ll discover ways to succeed.

1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

This is the most popular course in machine learning provided by Stanford University. You'll be tested on each and every topic that you go through, and based on the completion and the final score that you get, you’ll be awarded the certificate. This course does add value to you as a developer and gives you a good understanding of the mathematics behind all the algorithms that you come up with.

I personally really like this one. Andrew Ng takes you through the course using Octave, which is a good tool to test your algorithm on before making it go live on your project.

2. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity

This course acquaints you with both the theoretical and the practical aspects of machine learning. Delivered by Sebastian Then — the man behind self-driving cars — this course certainly makes machine learning even more interesting to learn. It also gives you programming experience in Python. It is a free course, though certification is not available.

3. Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera

This is one of the recently propelled certification courses on machine learning at Coursera. This course on machine learning specialization in Python consists of six courses. It discusses building machine learning applications, primarily using deep learning. It’s a great course for people who want to go a step beyond traditional machine learning methods. This complete specialization is a bit pricey at $354. You will complete a capstone project to finish off the course.

4. Machine Learning by Data Camp

This certification course on machine learning is most appropriate for R professionals. It expects you to have a prior working knowledge of R programming. This course is focused on delivering useful knowledge of using machine learning for training models effectively. The course content is delivered through a combination of videos and interactive web browser coding. After a couple of free modules, the complete course is accessible at $25 monthly.

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