My Top Five Bluemix Articles From 2015

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My Top Five Bluemix Articles From 2015

Niklas Heidloff's review of his top five most-viewed Bluemix articles from his blog.

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2015 has been a great year for me. I had the pleasure to work as developer advocate for an innovative technology, I could attend lots of developer conferences, had the opportunity to build cool apps and could share a lot of what I had learned on my blog. Most importantly I had and have the privilege to work in an awesome team, the IBM Emerging Technologies organization.

Below are three Top Five lists with the most popular articles on my blog, with my personal favorites and with the most popular articles republished on DZone. All other articles are listed on the archives page.

Top Five Most Viewed Articles On heidloff.net

Deploying APIs built via Node.js to IBM Bluemix
In this article I demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js API to Bluemix via Docker and how to use the API Management service to enforce client ids and secrets when invoking the APIs so that API owners can monitor the usage of their APIs.

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Developer Perspective on Cloud Foundry vs Docker on Bluemix
IBM Bluemix supports different ways to package applications and to deploy and run them in the cloud (“compute options”). Developers can choose between Cloud Foundry and Docker. The two models have certainly similarities, but there are also significant differences. In this article I describe some of these differences as well as pros and cons from a consumer point of view.

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Deploying a Spring Boot Application to Bluemix in 20 Minutes via Docker
In this article I describe how to deploy a simple Java Spring Boot application to Bluemix via Docker.

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Cheatsheet for Docker and IBM Bluemix Containers Beginners
As a developer I prefer graphical tools since I often cannot remember all the different commands for various CLIs (command line interfaces). In cases where I have to use CLIs I write down my own little cheatsheets with the commands I use most often.

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What is Node-RED? How Can It Be Used for the Internet of Things?
When I recently started to work on Bluemix, I was honestly a little confused about what Node-RED is, how it relates to the Node.js Bluemix runtime and how it relates to the Internet of Things service. Since some of my readers might be in the same situation, let me quickly try to explain.

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My Top Five Favorite Articles

Having Fun with the Bluemix Selfie Drone
Recently I had some time to build another IBM Bluemix demonstration which showcases the Internet of Things functionality and cognitive Watson services. With the “Bluemix Selfie Drone” application you can take selfies via a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 drone and tweet the portraits on the pictures.

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Hear the Buzz – iOS App using Twitter and Watson Services from IBM Bluemix
“Hear the Buzz” is a sample iPhone app which finds tweets with positive or negative sentiments for topics which users enter manually or via iOS speech recognition. The discovered list of tweets can be read or users can listen to them.

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Steering a driving Android Phone over the Web via Speech Recognition in IBM Bluemix
My colleagues Bryan Boyd and Mark VanderWiele have created a nice demo where you can drive smartphones using Sphero balls. I’ve modified the sample slightly so that it also works for Android phones. Watch the video to see how to steer a driving smartphone via IBM Bluemix, the Internet of Things and cognitive services from IBM Watson.

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