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The Top Five CRM Systems and Software Packages for 2013

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The Top Five CRM Systems and Software Packages for 2013

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Customer relations management (CRM) systems and software are used to streamline the way your business interacts with its consumers. These five are the pick of the bunch in 2013 – take a look at the reviews and decide which one works best for you.



Zendesk has been around for a while – long enough to earn the name of one of the most trusted CRM solutions in the business. The package is designed specifically to be a customer services/customer support tool, allowing your business to raise support tickets after customer enquiries, which are then chased up and answered by your experts in line with your service promise. Zendesk works because it has the ability to work on all mobile platforms, including Blackberry and the iPhone, and because its functions can be scaled to the size of your business.



MHelpdesk is similar to Zendesk, but it also includes billing and reports. It’s designed specifically for businesses that operate “in the field” – customer service outfits that send representatives out to fix machinery and property, such as plumbing and heating companies. Based on the web, MHelpdesk can be accessed from an mobile device – the user in the field simply keys in his or her password information and the rest is history. Synchs with QuickBooks to keep accounts up to date, send out bills on time and mark jobs as complete.



Ever worried that your consumers are missing out on a full service experience? With TeamSupport, that worry becomes a thing of the past. Let your customers see the best face of your company by enabling every member of your customer support team to get involved in the user experience at the right time. One of the key benefits of TeamSupport is its ability to prevent your customer service functions from overlapping – meaning your end user never has to be bothered by multiple calls about the same issue again.



Mothernode works at the other end of the business spectrum, enabling companies to deliver a sales experience that strengthens revenue and makes the bottom line look a lot healthier. The system provides lead generation and nurturing functionality, assigning a specific sales path to each lead so that every sales person can pick up the trail at the right point. It’s also tied in to an optional sister product called Mothernode ERP, which allows the user to develop customised reports to back up the sales stream. Mothernode CRM can be customised to fit the sales sector in which you work.



IQRetail provides a range of innovative accounting software solutions, which form a strong link between the front end of your business and the accounts at the back. From payroll to combined accounting and POS software, IQ Retail products offer stock control capabilities as well as the power to control financials, customer relations, suppliers, reports, pay roll and general ledger. The software is available in a range of systems, which can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual business consumer. Compare them online.

The Author is a software developer, who has been involved in the creation of some of the most recommended CRM systems currently available. His technology and business blogs attract the regular attention of industry influencers in a range of fields, including accounting, finance, marketing and web development. He lives in Leeds. 


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