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Top Five Things That Could Complicate IT in 2017

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Top Five Things That Could Complicate IT in 2017

Cloud-savvy IT professionals and executives rank security concerns as number one challenge, budget cuts follow closely at number two.

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ManageEngine announced the results of its “#uncomplicate IT” survey. More than 150 network admins, IT managers, system admins, network architects, and CIOs who use ManageEngine and third-party IT management solutions participated in the survey to discover the top five IT management challenges they expect to face this year. The company also released the “#uncomplicate IT Solutions Handbook,” which helps IT pros meet the most pressing challenges.

According to the survey results, the top five things that are expected to complicate IT in 2017 are:

  1.  Handling security threats

  2. Managing network changes due to the addition of users/applications

  3. Budget cuts

  4. Keeping track of unauthorized configuration changes

  5. Reducing the number of management tools

“Paradigm shifts in the end-user adoption of newer technologies and devices combined with increasing reliance on IT for business growth have made IT more complex than ever,” said Dev Anand, director of product management at ManageEngine. “That sentiment is global, but the factors that complicate IT differ from industry to industry. For instance, healthcare IT battles compliance and regulation demons while finance IT tackles hacks and data theft. And life for IT admins is further complicated by the traditional, make-a-tool-for-every-problem approach, which fails to see business as one coherent unit.”

Admins can uncomplicate IT management with OpManager Plus, an integrated network management platform that offers more than 20 solutions, including network monitoring, server monitoring, bandwidth management, configuration management, and firewall log management in a single tool. It eliminates the need for multiple management tools and allows admins to manage their entire IT from a single console. With one tool to manage, admins can spend less time on maintenance efforts, such as data backups and service pack upgrades. 

The “#uncomplicate IT Solutions Handbook” explains each and every solution offered by OpManager Plus in detail, with real-world use cases and customer case studies. The handbook can be downloaded from https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/uncomplicate.html#book. Also, a slideshow on how you can uncomplicate IT management is available at http://uncomplicate.opmanager.com.

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