Top PHP Frameworks of 2017

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Top PHP Frameworks of 2017

Tired of your current framework? Check out this list of the top 5 PHP development frameworks, and see which one is right for you.

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PHP has gained far-reaching recognition and has become the world’s most versatile scripting language. Almost exclusively used in web development, it is easy to learn and implement. PHP frameworks are widely known as functional platforms that help developers to make complicated applications easily and quickly. However, given the plethora of frameworks out there, choosing the right framework is not always simple. It largely comes down to the individual developer and their preferred style of coding.

PHP developers opt for a particular framework because it offers a precise structure and organized workflow that is essential in all professional web development projects. In addition, the use of a framework ensures that the relevant standards of security and the best practices for coding, project implementation, and post-implementation maintenance are observed throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Frameworks have become the dominant trend in the web development industry. Laravel is a clear winner for the past few years and the trend will continue in 2017 as well. I think learning the full-stack framework is an important skill for a developer to have. But given the large number of frameworks to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for you? Sit back and let me help you find the best PHP framework out there that will help you increase the productivity and complete projects with minimal effort.


It is 2017 and according to Google's trend chart, Laravel is still the most widely used PHP framework by PHP developers. A relatively new framework, Laravel has the most impressive and clear syntax. This framework has undoubtedly made web development effortless and fast. Laravel did this by shortening frequent tasks, for example, caching, authentication, queuing, routing, session, etc.


NETTE is a famous tool that is used to create web applications using PHP. It is packed with easy to follow and optimized tools and this combination results in optimum performance. Along with the speedy actions, it secures the application from threats by covering DRY, MVC, KISS, AJAX, etc. NETTE also promotes code rescue.

Programmers feel relieved because of NETTE as it enables them to write less code but maintain code clarity. This framework includes new dimensions of innovative techniques that ease the process of creating safe and powerful applications. NETTE is widely supported by a large community of PHP developers.

Yii 2

Yii 2 is a framework based on OOP which uses the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept of coding as its path. This coding concept results in very clean and factual code. Yii 2 is combined with jQuery and has enabled AJAX features that reduce all the hefty steps involved in theming and trimming processes. To conclude, Yii 2 is very popular among front-end developers.


CakePHP is a lightweight framework with excellent documentation. It is simple and requires concise coding, which ultimately results in the developer having to write less code. This framework is known for its easy-to-understand framework and for the speed of its templating process. One of the exclusive features of CakePHP is its built-in “CRUD,” that is excellent for database communication. The framework contains various features to cover all the disparate measures needed by web devs, including security, session management, emails, request handling, and cookies. The only con of this framework is the absence of object related implementation.


Symfony3 is absolutely one of the best PHP frameworks. The reason for its popularity is its consistent and persistent output. It is widely used by web developers because of its stability, ease of use, and scalability. Symfony3 is known for its flexible and powerful elements and this framework also enables the reuse of various PHP components that are used for translation, security, validators, etc.


These are five of the most popular frameworks in the PHP development community. Laravel, as usual, had a pretty good head start. PHP frameworks have really simplified the development process and almost every professional PHP development agency uses one or more of these five platforms as their standard development platform.

If was asked to choose one of these five frameworks, I think I would go with Laravel. It is really easy to use and has all the features that PHP developers use on a daily basis. The documentation is quite comprehensive. In many cases, just by reading the code, you could easily perceive the complexity and implementation of a particular project.

Whether you’re an experienced programmer or a novice, you’ll love it. 

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