Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Flow

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Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Flow

Task flows are a must when it comes to supporting business rules and clients' APIs. Do you know about the different types of task flows and how to create them?

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Task flows are the smartest feature that is available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. At present, they are available on the Mobile CRM app only. Note that there is the obligation of accepting the license first before you can start using task flows. In the current scenario, they are available in preview mode being made usable with limited access. This helps keep the focus on the main goals and helps gain customer feedback.

Understanding Task Flows

Tasks flows are mainly used in business modules to make the users concentrate more on the task appointed to them. They provide the user with number screens that give them a structure that can help give them solutions regarding their tasks. These task flows are one of many Microsoft CRM solutions that are specifically meant for mobile apps.

Business Flows

Business flows are mainly used for attaining larger goals in the organization and are commonly used by all the users in a particular department of the organization.

Task Flows

Task flows are mainly used in achieving smaller targets or goals. They start from where business flows end and enable the user to make fast progress by making the lead into something fruitful for the organization.

Creating Task Flows

After knowing about the types of flows and deciding which one to use in which process, you need to think about creating desirable task flows. A simple task flow for mobile can be created with the following steps:

  1. Open Settings on your mobile phone > select Processes > New.

  2. Select the Business Process Flow.

  3. Select the Type Run.

The Need for Task Flows

Microsoft CRM solutions provide the user with very simple solutions to their problems. Task flow comes in handy when there is a requirement of taking the business through small hurdles.

Users generally share their experiences with CRM apps development with help from their chosen Operating System. Therefore, task flows become a must for supporting business rules and clients' APIs. Task flows also fulfill the requirement of editing controls from all the basic records from different entities on the same page.

The versatility of task flows helps many users work on similar task flows for same records. Task flows provides the ultimate help for the user to perform selective tasks to achieve a particular objective in an organization.

Task flows enable the new user of CRM dynamics in many ways, as it becomes difficult for the new user to memorize which record to work on and which records are completed. They allow the new user to work efficiently and progress rapidly through tasks.

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